3 Easy Comebacks For Any Insult

6 lug 2020
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Today we are looking at some comebacks! We're going to see what we can learn from the way people responded in today's clips to particular offenses and insults, and what you can learn in your own life if somebody comes at you in a way that you find a bit too aggressive.

0:15 - Comeback #1: Andy Richter
1:15 - Comeback #2: Bo Burnham
1:55 - Comeback #3: UK Parliament
3:27 - Comeback #4: Donald Trump
4:02 - Comeback #5: David Letterman
5:14 - Comeback #6: Jaime Lannister
5:38 - Comeback #7: Howard with the comeback
6:25 - Comeback #8: Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush
7:08 - Comeback #9: Conan O' Brien

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  • Green?!? Well, thats unexpected

    C-DeckC-Deck3 ore fa
  • Omfg these commercials

    Sean WellingSean Welling6 ore fa
  • I have been told the English parliament has an hour that is televised and very dramatic and hectic, but the rest of the time it's not all that chaotic.

    CaptainFuturemanCaptainFutureman9 ore fa
  • Jennifer Garner can snuck anywhere she wants.

    Lars HaderLars Hader11 ore fa
  • looks blue

    Jeffrey WalkerJeffrey Walker13 ore fa
  • "the jerk store called and they're running out of you"

    Hercules BrofisterHercules Brofister14 ore fa
  • Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    Pol CupiPol Cupi21 ora fa
  • The tactic of agreeing with your opponent in order to disarm them is precisely what Jesus meant by "turning the other cheek". You can much more easily defeat an opponent by letting them do it to themselves.

    Bil CarterBil CarterGiorno fa
  • I wish I had understood these concepts when I was in third grade.

    Jack TribbleJack TribbleGiorno fa
  • Its blue

    The real Lomas-chenkoThe real Lomas-chenkoGiorno fa
  • my favorite come back so someone being unkind, and one that I've taught my daughters, is to look whomever right in the eyes and say "remind me why your opinion is important to me"

    Darrin JonesDarrin JonesGiorno fa
  • “If you were my husband, I’d poison your tea” “If you were my wife, I’d drink it”

    雯倩蕭雯倩蕭Giorno fa
  • It’s hard to be that witty

  • Trump literally won election by being savage.

  • Can we get a count of "incredibly effective" in this video?

    Blake SpierBlake SpierGiorno fa
  • I hate when ppl start a video with "and I haven't watched any of these yet" like cmon. You're making a completely edited and planned out video. Why are you pretending like you didn't have all of these ready to go.

    Blake SpierBlake SpierGiorno fa
  • D'you do a thing on craigyferg? That'd be brilliant

    vikbhatvikbhatGiorno fa
  • If Trump did what he did in 2016 he would’ve won. Covid also destroyed him.

    Tony ColeTony ColeGiorno fa
  • You seem to enjoy it when men slam women quite a lot. Do you have a collection of women slamming men? And you seem to truly enjoy Trump's childish remarks. Did you vote for him??

    Renee McLaneRenee McLane2 giorni fa
  • Human. I love calling people "human" as an insult because you can tell when people feel slightly offended. Human: I don't think so, Izaya. Izaya: Okay, human That's my favorite comeback. I worked with a guy that said "Bold of you to assume I'm human". LoL!! It was a funny response. Everybody else just "But you're a human too!!" Yes, yes I am also a human too. Quite clearly.

    Izaya EvarezIzaya Evarez2 giorni fa
  • Coming here for the comments section, where also you can learn how to make the odds play on behalf of you.

    Lori RillingLori Rilling2 giorni fa
  • Anyone else notice that the spiderman picture in the back changed a few times?

    Ashki TreyAshki Trey2 giorni fa
  • Trump 2020!

    AZ Battle SchoolAZ Battle School2 giorni fa
  • You should do a face reveal

    SamdagamerSamdagamer2 giorni fa
  • Good thing jennifer garner has beautiful brains...

    Gavin BullockGavin Bullock2 giorni fa
  • If you think the british parlament is wild you should listen to Berlusconi owning people

  • this guy seems to a Trump fan boy...

    Biswanil KunduBiswanil Kundu3 giorni fa
  • 0:22 my love video :X.

    Diu ChoDiu Cho3 giorni fa
  • "no u"

    HansHans3 giorni fa
  • 2:38: "Odeurrr!!!" When someone farts and it stinks so damn much your brain reboots with language system preference set up to French x''D

    Chris TartarreChris Tartarre3 giorni fa
  • I expected 1) NO U 2) YOUR MOM 3) UNO REVERSE CARD

  • "Because you'd be in jail" - is currently the world's greatest comeback. Even Hillary had the expression on her face 'damn, that was a good one'...

    purple burlypurple burly4 giorni fa
  • @g_ge_lex_nder is a punk on insta!

    Shady ShloopShady Shloop4 giorni fa
  • It is ALWAYS worth correcting someone in "an unkind way" if they were as rude as Jennifer Garner. She, and people who behave like her, deserve a taste of their own medicine. As far as opening yourself up? Yeah, you'll do that. But, so what. Not putting a preposition at the end of a sentence is and has always been more of a preference. Whether or not a word exists is something entirely different. She deserved to be pulled down off her high horse.

    Sanford GraySanford Gray4 giorni fa
  • Chelsea Handler is an unfunny, untalented pretentious twit.

    Sanford GraySanford Gray4 giorni fa
  • "No u" is valid in all arguments and that is a fact.

    Super Mario Brothers 2Super Mario Brothers 24 giorni fa
  • You did Dennis Skinner dirty there. Skinner's usually the witty one.

    Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees4 giorni fa
  • Historians disagree upon whom to bestow credit, but we'll go with: Earl of Sandwich: Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of the pox. John Wilkes: That, My Lord, depends on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.

    Gary StoneGary Stone4 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one who saw Selena Gomez at 0:52.

    Monarch ZeroMonarch Zero5 giorni fa
  • Great vid.....but you should unplug your instrument if you're not using it ;)

    Thrive DruThrive Dru5 giorni fa
  • Dude I had to pause after that Bo sock comeback, I was laughing so hard I choked on the smoke. And that's exactly what I was thinking, he was lightning fast. One might say he was quick-witted with it.

    durereeedurereee5 giorni fa
  • No one's gonna talk about the constantly changing picture in the back wall?

    Random GuyRandom Guy5 giorni fa
  • What kind of Amp do you have that strat plugged into?

    bitetheteeth 101bitetheteeth 1015 giorni fa
  • There's nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a preposition in English, it's a common thing due to phrasal verbs. An example of which should be easy with up to come.

    RobBCactiveRobBCactive5 giorni fa
  • I usually find "your mother" to be appropriate in almost all cases.

    Jason GJason G5 giorni fa
  • that women at 5:39 was pretty much asking for that comeback. Why was she so angry at the guy's response? He didnt even made fun of her in the first place, she could have easily joined in...

    Super N0iS3Super N0iS35 giorni fa
  • The jerk store called, your due back at 8!!!!

    nativeray 707nativeray 7075 giorni fa

  • It's a very pleasant light blue.

    neshobanaknineshobanakni5 giorni fa
  • First up: "No u"

    Chickie nuggieChickie nuggie5 giorni fa
  • If I wanted my own comeback, I would have asked your mother.

    Praetor of OleaPraetor of Olea5 giorni fa
  • You've got my guitar!!!

    HENJAM48HENJAM486 giorni fa
  • Trump is champ when it comes to narration manipulation. Deflecting, derailing and answering with questions. My typical responses to ppl are ya got me chief i bow in supplication. .to me i think i just like to come on here and babble since covid has limited human interactions To me anyone looking to "win" Online has already lost. One thing if anyone actually reads this is. Nobody sane argues or really even posts in comments section. The ppl that do from what ive seen appreciate a position of power and being right. PPl will type "that's you are" to correct someone. Like you know what was meant and context but since it wasnt perfect that means the whole argument is tossed? Interesting but my point was already invalid the second i typed it out online The internet is a mad house and you just entered it to tell. Crazy person they spelt a word wrong.lolllom

    Kevin GKevin G6 giorni fa
  • 0:37 - nah, really wasn't

    Shawn StoneShawn Stone6 giorni fa
  • 😅 because youd be jail.

    audrey Sernaaudrey Serna6 giorni fa
  • What was that picture flash in the background?

    Defiant PoliticsDefiant Politics7 giorni fa
  • notice no Joe Biden witty clips.

    elbeialelbeial7 giorni fa
  • Apparently because of inactivity, Spider Man put on a little weight.

    myklmusicmyklmusic7 giorni fa
  • If Conan did that to me I would've busted out laughing also. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. I had the honor of meeting Conan and interact with him. Believe me, it was very difficult to maintain my professionalism around him. He will try to break passed that just to make you laugh. The first time he wasnt able to. The second time he did and later before leaving, he thanked me for being a good sport. A very genuine and super nice man.

    Will ArcherWill Archer7 giorni fa
  • Your background is purple

    gwaai edenshawgwaai edenshaw7 giorni fa
  • ❤️

    Mia SennaMia Senna7 giorni fa
  • The background is Blue

    Daniel RobinsonDaniel Robinson7 giorni fa
  • Trump is the greatest comeback God bless him great president

    Roger CarsonRoger Carson7 giorni fa
  • I'd ve scared to argue with this guy he's a master lol

    Reza VarghayiReza Varghayi7 giorni fa
  • What a useless video, wasted my time seeing random clips.

    Jagadeesh ChennaJagadeesh Chenna7 giorni fa
  • *DON'T* laugh at Orange Man Bad whatever you do! 😐 Trump2020

    Hale BoppHale Bopp7 giorni fa
  • It's perfectly okay to end a sentence with a preposition to avoid confusion or keep from sounding goofy. “What are you sitting on?” “On what are you sitting?”

    K. RyanK. Ryan7 giorni fa
  • Your mouth makes it look as if you're always smiling

    TheNietchzeTheNietchze7 giorni fa
  • The blue background is nice, i think you have too much light reflecting off your face it kinda washes you out at times. Loved the content as always though.

    ByzantiumEK KuhlmanByzantiumEK Kuhlman7 giorni fa
  • What happened to the Spider-Man poster/painting in the back?

    Analía Díaz MercadoAnalía Díaz Mercado7 giorni fa
  • *"I make it a rule never to have a battle of wits with an unarmed individual."* *"I'd just end up looking like a bully!"*

    vonsuthoffvonsuthoff8 giorni fa
  • Best comeback from Scrubs: “So is your face”

    Ronnie QRonnie Q8 giorni fa
  • so your saying you like how Trump disrespects others ?

    karen westfallkaren westfall8 giorni fa
  • Jennifer garner looked good though

    Andrew MorenoAndrew Moreno8 giorni fa
  • I’d forgotten about this channel. Surprisingly good content.

    Latin Dance VideosLatin Dance Videos8 giorni fa
  • World's best comeback that I use consistently: Jo Moma

    quartytypoquartytypo8 giorni fa
  • A good one from the UK parliament, from Dennis Skinner (the 'dinosaur' in the clip shown): Skinner: "Half the Tory members opposite are crooks." Speaker: "Withdraw that remark." Skinner: "OK. Half the Tory members aren't crooks."

    Leviticus StroudLeviticus Stroud8 giorni fa
  • I thought they were looking for assholes question mark. No they weren't looking for you at all. A W a.m.

    Janice MurphyJanice Murphy8 giorni fa
  • No, :Joe mama" is enuff

    MrBejMrBej8 giorni fa
  • that spiderman frame is cursed

    Mr. LinguiniMr. Linguini8 giorni fa
  • Who noticed the spider-man picture change.

    JH KirkerJH Kirker8 giorni fa
  • No u

    William McKinneyWilliam McKinney8 giorni fa
  • Keep in mind when you watch Trump with all his ego bluster that his Niece says he's the weakest man I've ever known. And the problem with every body who debates him is they clam up on his attacks instead of volley.

    roquefortfilesroquefortfiles9 giorni fa
  • I remember when I had my first beer too

    The Devil's AdvocateThe Devil's Advocate9 giorni fa
  • 1:36 Is a TOTAL different picture from 1:53 in the back

    Linus Van PeltLinus Van Pelt9 giorni fa
  • 1:54 the spiderman picture lmao

    AramMafiaAramMafia9 giorni fa
  • The house of commons is basically a public school playground except with a moderator (for the americans public school in the uk is the poshest type of private school) it can be massively entertaining though ..

    Sarah JSarah J9 giorni fa
  • 4:13 joke. Explanation please.

    Paweł GPaweł G9 giorni fa
  • Spoderman in the background

    CC 6871CC 68719 giorni fa
  • I’ve learned a lot from you bro. Being a new young lad to the corporate world for the first time it’s important to arm yourself with lessons like this video.

    EscobarSniperboiEscobarSniperboi9 giorni fa
  • My favorites are the ons that are actually deserved. That is, if somebody is truly stating trouble that is't even correct or accurate, fire away, and aim to destroy. I don't like when people start trouble with somebody that isn't the problem. That's why I don't respect the comebacks of Trump, since Hillary was absolutely right about him (though I'd been saying it long before he was up for election-- if you knew his "practices" in N.Y.).... ...and I DO respect Conan's comeback, so very very much over Jennifer Garner's snippy (probably trying to be cute or entertaining in some privileged "I get away with everything because of my looks" sort of way) grammar "correction". She deserved that more than anyone on here, and I'm even kind of a fan of Jennifer.

    lasvegaslonerlasvegasloner9 giorni fa
  • My favorite comeback comes from Benjamin Disraeli. Another member of Parliament says to Disraeli. "Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease." Disraeli responds. "That depends, Sir, whether I embrace your policies or your mistress."

    KarozansKarozans9 giorni fa
  • Your mama is so fat, that the general public would not find her attractive.

    KarozansKarozans9 giorni fa
  • You are so helpful and handsome!

    Brian EinersenBrian Einersen9 giorni fa
  • I’ll disagree with the Trump comeback because all he does is insult whenever he’s intellectually overwhelmed by someone else. Tick Tick Trump, it’s actually you who’ll be going to jail instead of Hillary 🤭

    Tava 78Tava 789 giorni fa
  • The background has a blue hue for sure and I love it! I also love the guitars, I'm a guitar player myself!

    Purple CatsPurple Cats10 giorni fa
  • Spooder man

    LoofigLoofig10 giorni fa
  • i didn't like it because the examples just whizzed by.

    JimmaculateJimmaculate10 giorni fa
  • I tried correcting someone's grammar on facebook once. The person wrote "gramer" i tried correcting that person by typing "grammer" and another person corrected me with "grammar". It was so embarrassing I deleted the comment immediately. 😅 same as with conan.

    Sangita kAtun Sarmin KatunSangita kAtun Sarmin Katun10 giorni fa
  • What’s coming is going to be Tyranny on a global scale. Like you said they will use the merchants to force collusion among the sheep. Just like now when you have multiple black women screeching about ‘Da Masks’ as if they have been deputized by the Mask police. I know for a fact what is coming an it is going to be so much worse then you think. When the trap is sprung it will only be a matter of weeks before the entire country is shut down, an the police state will appear as if by magic. The worst part is 50% of the country will welcome it with open arms.

    Bobby ABobby A10 giorni fa