The Surprising Psychology Of OnlyFans Simps

26 ott 2020
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With credit card in hand, I signed up for an OnlyFans investigation. What I found surprised me, not only what it said about human psychology, but also the direction that consumerism is taking all of us.

0:00 - Intro
1:26 - #1: Dopamine hooks
3:48 - #2: Recognition, intimacy and community
5:22 - #3: "Guaranteed acceptance"
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  • Wait... all of this sounds eerily familiar.... *looks at vtubers*

    Laserdemon FrostmageLaserdemon FrostmageMinuto fa
  • to be fair, if i wasnt an economicly aware person, i would totally pay for companionship, even a fake internett one. Tho as you say, its a fake and will in the long term hinder you. So its better to avoid shortcuts and get companionship the hard way.

    Fixti0nFixti0nOra fa
  • Maan ...those ppl won't have only fans unless too many ppl give them their time.

    HAMED MohammedHAMED MohammedOra fa
  • Great Script bruh

    Anonymous Watcher37Anonymous Watcher374 ore fa
  • It really breaks my heart to see this stuff. As a counselor I see how broken and rejected these guys are. I also see women gladly taking advantage of these men and giving up their own integrity for money. They have probably gone through some rough things themselves to think this is an acceptable way to live or treat people. The worst part is they both think what they are doing is good. "You praise me for stealing your money and you won't feel lonely". Really it's broken people making things worse for themselves. I wish more people knew how this stuff worked.

    AdamHallDeathPunchAdamHallDeathPunch6 ore fa
  • The ego these hooke.. I mean girls must have. These men give us a bad name overall.

    Lolrtfyu LolytfruLolrtfyu Lolytfru7 ore fa
  • in other words, boycot onlyfans thots as they only make you more depressed

    seatheous robloxianseatheous robloxian8 ore fa
  • Menwho pay monthly for onlyfans are simps Change my mind.

    Philjan De LumbanPhiljan De Lumban8 ore fa
  • ahahahahahahahahhaha you really think people aren't going to take the essay way out think again people are pathetic an insecure i doubt there actually going to take your advise but nice try

    renttojorenttojo9 ore fa
  • But how does these women able to reply to all of their simps?

    Ace The FireDragonAce The FireDragon10 ore fa
  • This just makes me sad really.

    Ace The FireDragonAce The FireDragon10 ore fa
  • A only fans investigation lmao

    Nick CNick C10 ore fa
  • Thanks to *CYBER_NEWTON001* on IG he helped me verify my Account is perfect and legit👍👍👍

    Abba Mahaju RimiAbba Mahaju Rimi11 ore fa
  • Thanks to *CYBER_NEWTON001* on IG he helped me verify my Account is perfect and legit👍👍👍

    Abba Mahaju RimiAbba Mahaju Rimi11 ore fa
  • The real cost is self esteem. This is even more pathetic than those dolls used for humping. At least those have a physical feeling. Why back in my day we just wonked in the shower. That was good enough for us. And we liked it! Kids these days are opposed to a little manual labor.

    bunberrierbunberrier11 ore fa
  • So OnlyFans is even more pathetic than I thought. Simps are paying for lootboxes of amateur porn, so that they can have "friends" online. Get therapy, lads. Not a subscription.

    MacentMacent12 ore fa
  • I actually commend some of the girls who have made money from Only Fans. It’s take advantage or get taken advantage of in this world 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Scott FarrellScott Farrell13 ore fa
  • Pls Pls remind me from what movie was the guy (8:58)

    kupak pasztetkupak pasztet13 ore fa
  • So uh.. as a fellow researcher... you got scrennshots?

    UlfendarUlfendar14 ore fa
  • It's pretty nefarious when you think about it. I mean you have guys like Larry Wheels confessing to having a Cam Girl addiction. Larry Wheels one of the strongest men in the world. A genetic specimen. A textbook example of what people would consider a Chad. And even he fell down that rabbit hole. That stuff does something insidious to the mind.

    Al DenteAl Dente15 ore fa
  • I hope all men recognize women DO NOT RESPECT SIMPS,You are only Tool to be used.Have some respect for yourself.

    Ken RandoKen Rando15 ore fa
  • That´s Monetization on Loneliness. What's next, Weaponizing Autism?

    Lucio AmorimLucio Amorim15 ore fa
  • What a sad generation.

    Mario PaulMario Paul15 ore fa
  • Fans-only is for pathetic people sorry just doesn't make sense it seems like prostitution honestly and like you can get this for free it's not hard

    Fan Gasm69Fan Gasm6916 ore fa
  • Onlyfans will breed a new generation of socially disabled dont forget you get to pay to fk yourself up...

    Miguel Angelo Santiago Jr.Miguel Angelo Santiago Jr.16 ore fa
  • Yupp, sad.

    waga95waga9516 ore fa
  • I don't know why young girls fall for this not that i want to control their lives or anything but i just don't know why women use their body to earn money? And they blame men for this lol... twitter is just an example where you can find 100s of onlyfans account...i get disgusted by watching those just like a women gets...

    beep boop Beepbeep boop Beep17 ore fa
  • Came here just to drop my comment: If you even dared to waste your precious seconds of life on this video is already simping xD shame onlyfans and those women who do it!!!

    Haris van DykeHaris van Dyke17 ore fa
  • So they are playing on our desires for love, companionship, and validation for profit. And they say men are the only ones objectify women. We are nothing but cattle to them. And people wonder why I have trust issues.

    Furrilicious101Furrilicious10118 ore fa
  • Seems like the next logical step for simps who watch Twitch streamers.

    meskinYTmeskinYT19 ore fa
  • imagine abusing men like this, this is like selling drugs to people in rehab.

    Scott JeffersonScott Jefferson19 ore fa
  • "but also the erection, consumerism is taking all of us." exactly.

    Myk AlMyk Al21 ora fa
  • So onlyfans is only for Simps

    Loc ChaneyLoc Chaney21 ora fa
  • Great analysis, lots of things are clear to me now about the puzzling to me onlyfans phenomena. I can see the soothing, even therapeutic feeling of having a intimate relationship of sorts with a woman and I can understand the appeal. It might even has some benefits over real relationships, for example you won't have to deal with a pouting passive aggressive female that makes you wonder if you are going to get a false accusation filed in the morning. And that part about not having to try to be always entertaining and witty and the woman actually carrying some of the weight of conversation, that sounded really good. No doubt cheaper than dating too. Gee, what's not to like?

    Late to the partyLate to the party21 ora fa
  • I think it’s for the thrill and the mystery of buying something (nude pic) and not knowing what you’re going to get

    Phone HomePhone Home22 ore fa
  • Onlyfans content is so underwhelming. Not worth the money.

    Ice&FireIce&Fire22 ore fa
  • It's like those guys that go to strip clubs because they're lonely and actually think the girls like them.

    Richelle WagnerRichelle Wagner22 ore fa

    J-marc L.BougieJ-marc L.Bougie23 ore fa
  • In short: Girlfriend experience for bois.

    P RP R23 ore fa
  • And I can't believe someone deleted my comment. These women are online pros , but I'm being billigerent?

    Shawn CShawn CGiorno fa
  • Look I'm not tryna be harsh but the simple fact of the matter is men need women and vice versa. It's women that's making it hard on themselves ultimately but on everyone in the short term.

    Shawn CShawn CGiorno fa
  • No of people on onlyfans only prove that incels are right after all

    Annamalai PAnnamalai PGiorno fa
  • Wait that was the lamest response you could think of ??

    nawafnawafGiorno fa
  • ??? How mentally weak are these simps? I've been homeless, negleted, abused, sexually abused, psychologically manipulated, been in 2 fatal accidents and I'm not as pathetic as them

    HeccHeccGiorno fa
  • Yep.. I could have told you how this worked without even watching the vid. Standard internet p*orn is for everyone. SIMPS want to be personally acknowledged by the attractive women they wish to be with, but never can. There will always be an endless supply of SIMPS who will happily (but tragically) pay for it.

    One Zero Zero One Zero OneOne Zero Zero One Zero OneGiorno fa
  • It was a good idea to learn more about this before acting judgemental

    kazuya kenzakikazuya kenzakiGiorno fa
  • I'm glad that you made a video on this , I hate this only fans system , the women who say don't sexualize us are themselves doing it ,for what money .its soo wrong. And how is it impacting men ?ever wondered? it makes men believe they can buy anything for a price but this doesn't work in real life. its all lies and dirty work for money ........ huge respect for charisma on command .....

    Akhil DhimanAkhil DhimanGiorno fa
  • on point.

    Suraj VadulasSuraj VadulasGiorno fa
  • Ahhh can't wait for you to use the "OnlyFan" credit card payments as tax deductions for business reasons (youtube channel) just for your accountant to be like yeahhh sure bud

    MarcoMarcoGiorno fa
  • dont waste your money

    hi. im gonnerhi. im gonnerGiorno fa
  • Damn you’re right man, instead I’ll just simp for myself and invest the money I would’ve invested on some cam girl and buy something I enjoy. M G T 0 W

    SolusSolusGiorno fa
  • A beautiful woman is like an exotic car. You don't want to actually live with one. The fantasy is better than the reality

    JK VDVJK VDVGiorno fa
  • Paid once for a only fans sub for a month felt dirty doing that never again.

    MajieBMajieBGiorno fa
  • I couldn't finish this video...too depressing...

    Compwhiz128Compwhiz128Giorno fa
  • I'm a simp for getting people water

    DerangedBeetleDerangedBeetleGiorno fa
  • Men, please don’t keep helping these women win in the game...

    Jeff WilliamsJeff WilliamsGiorno fa
  • Why did everyone flock to The Fappening when all those celebrities nudes got hacked? Not everyone on OnlyFans is famous, but there's a good amount who have some notoriety.

    TaxEvasionTaxEvasionGiorno fa
  • This is a pretty narrow view of OF. There’s a much wider array of content and intentions among users and content creators. Seems this video was made to reinforce a preconceived opinion. It’s a disservice to the many genuine people who utilize the platform.

    Tony FTony FGiorno fa
  • EA

    HMMMHHMMMHGiorno fa
  • I still dont understand how someone thinks they're having a genuine connection with a woman you literally have to pay to talk .

    Mathew OmoloMathew OmoloGiorno fa
  • People who are hooked on only fans need to be sent to the army for one year, live half a year homeless on the streets and join a fighting sport club..

    Peter MPeter MGiorno fa
  • Seems to be an outlet for incels for the most part. If people are just honest about their SMV, they can be happy

    Quasi MinimalistQuasi MinimalistGiorno fa
  • This is just depressing. Onlyfans should be illegal tbh.

    John BlackmanJohn BlackmanGiorno fa
  • I have never heard of only fans.

    BogblockerBogblockerGiorno fa
  • This is pointless.

    Yorky GonzalezYorky GonzalezGiorno fa
  • Amazing video. Wonder about the psychology of the content creators tho 🤔

    Adrián Mora EspinozaAdrián Mora EspinozaGiorno fa
  • If you give a woman $ for looking at her naked she is either a stripper or a hooker. End of story.

    RichardRichardGiorno fa
  • great video

    MrMegasMrMegasGiorno fa
  • I feel like Patreon works the same way.

    th3_dysgruntledth3_dysgruntledGiorno fa
  • When kids are not taught to control their emotions. No disrespect.

    no nameno nameGiorno fa
  • Just talking about this with a friend last night. Don't these simps realize these women despise thier "fans"? The actually think they have some sort of connection. Hahaha

    tillallareoneluvtillallareoneluvGiorno fa
  • It wasn't by accident that you chose scenes from "You" for this video was it? 🤣

    JustDan - The Gaming Man!JustDan - The Gaming Man!Giorno fa
  • I was one week away from checking it out but will not be after watching this video. Thanks for the upload as this was very informative.

    Gabriel JordanGabriel JordanGiorno fa
  • OnlyFans: GENIUS 🤫

    Tabby PandaTabby PandaGiorno fa
  • Society is really fcked. Marriages down, Child births down, dating almost dead. Guys ffs, get back your power and stop being simps.

    Freedom HunterFreedom HunterGiorno fa
    • even if fellas stop being simps, marriage and dating is dead, why spend money on a liability/depreciating asset in women?

      Jake Snow1Jake Snow1Giorno fa
  • But it's fake intimacy. A lie.

    BagamBagam2 giorni fa
  • this is the best advertisement vid that didn't seem to be one that I've ever seen in my life. tempting... but no thanks :)

    s_os_o2 giorni fa
  • so focus on men that subscribe. Yeah that's the real controversy

    jerome williamsjerome williams2 giorni fa
  • It's because women these days only date 6ft 2in pro athlete fitness models. Where are the rest of the 99% of guys who don't look like this gonna turn? OnlyFans.

    Cussy RichardsCussy Richards2 giorni fa

    Aron TurnaAron Turna2 giorni fa
  • The technology is new, the concept is not. Reminds me of a high-end escort service. Guaranteed interesting and entertaining date, no rejection, no judgement.

    almost_minimalalmost_minimal2 giorni fa
  • First 30 seconds: “I signed up for OnlyFans for research purposes.”

    Vela SVela S2 giorni fa
  • Go watch some documentaries on Weimar Germany, descent into unbridled degeneracy proceeded (and, we could debate, caused) the rise of fascism and the most terrible war this planet has ever seen. Who else hears history rhyming?

    Marketplace GoldMarketplace Gold2 giorni fa
  • Great video.

    Omar El ShazliOmar El Shazli2 giorni fa
  • Because when you see your favorite femboy. Well, you just have to go. "God damn! Why not."

    TheStewieOneTheStewieOne2 giorni fa
  • Maybe i should start my own OnlyFans Account but insted of x-rated content it would be car content. :D

    Mikael AnderssonMikael Andersson2 giorni fa
  • An e-quisition could deal with this. Maybe flood e-girl inboxes with the "Silence Wench" meme.

    SpecterStSpecterSt2 giorni fa
  • WOW, mind blown, paying for a relationship connection that's not real and not even physical is pretty disgusting. I'm gonna throw up from learning all this.

    XIII - TheBlackCatXIII - TheBlackCat2 giorni fa
  • 1)hard times create strong men 2)strong men create good times 3)good times create weak men 4)weak men create hard times .... And repeat We are at the final stage Stay strong boys 💪

    GodzillaGodzilla2 giorni fa
  • Mgtow

    Dan ChaseDan Chase2 giorni fa
  • Only fans just shows just how people are willing to pay just to be noticed and have a “connection” with another person. People need to engage with others because they are interested in hearing about their lives and not just based on their superficial qualities. The world has gotten so SHALLOW it is sad and pathetic.

    Alexander ChunAlexander Chun2 giorni fa
  • Sorry but I love my money, women are plentiful and will always be available, but cold hard cash is like drinkable water in the desert.

    ARcindianARcindian2 giorni fa
  • I'm immune to these Onlyfan type payment thingy. Because I don't have money to begin with...

    Shiny_StoneShiny_Stone2 giorni fa

    FN dzFN dz2 giorni fa
  • Dudes that spend money on OnlyFans need to be lined up against a wall and shot

    Chad WChad W2 giorni fa
  • How much more trashy can the world get?!

    D.ID.I2 giorni fa
  • Onlyfans is for any kind of content any kind of content not just for porn.

    Craig MusaCraig Musa2 giorni fa
  • im a strong independent woman dont need no man (loads up her only fans account)

    Matt BrooksMatt Brooks2 giorni fa
  • I swear, there are millions of x rated websites, and waste money on only fans🤣😂🤦🏿‍♂️

    Yvng SosaYvng Sosa2 giorni fa
  • You want to see people you know naked?

    GimmieTheLootGimmieTheLoot2 giorni fa