The #1 Dating Mistake Men Make With Women

18 feb 2019
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Dating certainly isn’t easy, and if you’re like me, you may have had made some mistakes in your dating life.
These are the mistakes that actually resulted in why my ex and I broke up… If I simply understand what I was doing wrong, chances are we still would’ve had an awesome relationship.
Since I’ve realized these common dating errors, it’s had a tremendous benefit on my life and I want to share them with you.

3:57 - Point #1: Don’t Go Anywhere You Don’t Want To Go
4:23 - Point #2: Don’t Stick To Things That Are Safe
4:50 - Point #3 See If You Have Created A Split Personality
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  • Here’s an example Use a gun if that won’t work use more gun

    Ellis AlineaEllis Alinea22 ore fa
  • So you're telling me I've been doing everything right

    Jack The PokexpertJack The Pokexpert2 giorni fa
  • Sounds good but is there any scientific evidence behind this theory yet? I want proof. Haha

    Lettice TravelsLettice Travels5 giorni fa
  • Im going to go on a first date soon is the movies a bad idea?

    Shirley BlackmanShirley BlackmanMese fa
  • Onlyfans.con/lilithisme

    Janette ScarletJanette ScarletMese fa
  • Charlie, you are fricking awesome! Thank you! So glad to be your customer too. ✨🙌🏻💯

    Loto VazquezLoto VazquezMese fa
  • Ok I was expecting something like shave take a bath tips and you deadass give me life lessons . didn't ask for it but I appreciate it

    Shateer ShahShateer ShahMese fa
    • But take a shower IS a good advice to!!!

      Anja KnatzAnja Knatz3 giorni fa
  • Dear Boys/Men Read This Paragraphs With a Grain Of Salt/Mustard: 1st Take: "my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier." Yours sincerely, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook 2nd Take: What most simps, feminist fe/males, white-knights, betas and conservative guys fail to realize: bad boys provide excitement, novelty, unpredictability and fun (fear, roller-coaster drama) to a new level. In other words, stability and commitment (no longer) won't cut it for today's 🦄. Why is that? Before she was your girlfriend, wife or lover, she already had been "run through" so many guys. And each time she slept with someone (both wo/men), she lost a part of her soul. In other words, she is no longer able to have emotional attachment in a healthy or committed way. *Anatomy of Female Power* by Chinweizu Ibekwe *Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programing Manual* by Anonymous Isaiah 3:12 Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road

    B GB GMese fa
  • I can relate to this so much. Thanks man

    Abdullah AhmedAbdullah AhmedMese fa
  • To the person reading this: You are so worthy of the love you seek ❤️🌹❤️

    Cheryl MuirCheryl Muir2 mesi fa
  • Great video man. So true.. Thanks

    Jason DJason D2 mesi fa
  • Thanks! Pretty much common sense- but we sometimes step outsude of ourselves to try to impress others with good intentions. We needed a reminder to always stay true to ourselves.

    David DisalvoDavid Disalvo2 mesi fa
  • Do theses rules apply to blow up dolls?

    Giuseppe VeghenGiuseppe Veghen2 mesi fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️ I wish I had a good man for real

    Jess KJess K3 mesi fa
  • So basically do what I was already doing.

    Peyton BradarichPeyton Bradarich3 mesi fa
  • Just to keep the societal class, and to find a goal eminent, this is a big endeavor you must accessory to be adhesive. Cognize self to be the clearest checking that will to tell you genuine wanting being, namely that stating thereof to communicate blush and shaming a dating,the girl sly smile to you who heart is boomed out pervasively.

    sectuemo Glubsectuemo Glub3 mesi fa
  • who else clicked to see charlie wear something else other than a black t shirt?

    Donald DongDonald Dong4 mesi fa
  • Being yourself at first will turn off a lot of people, that's part of it. As you go along, you start to develop the ture part of yourself and you start to notice more people are liking you and admire your authentic presence. You will still have people that hates you for being you, but you will also be surrounded by people you enjoy

    VisionVision4 mesi fa
  • You need to take her to McDonalds on the first date set a precedent

    Chris Pie AllChris Pie All4 mesi fa
  • Anyone know what is Troplusfix Dating Secrets about? I hear most people get laid by hot women with this popular dating secrets.

    Kamron WernerKamron Werner4 mesi fa
  • Thank you so much! I really needed to hear this. So I should be my honest true self, without fear?

    JohnJohn4 mesi fa
  • I love your face

    Lazzaro DiadnavarroLazzaro Diadnavarro5 mesi fa
  • Thanks for this video! Definitely some of what I've been thinking lately, but boiled down to more concrete thoughts and advice. :)

    crazytom23crazytom235 mesi fa
  • My datinglife is nonexistant as is, i don't feel like the advice in this specific video is gonna help me short term.

    ChaoticLifemakerChaoticLifemaker5 mesi fa
  • When he talks about split personalities: Is someone else thinking about "How-do-you- like-your-eggs-date-Mike" from The Office?

    Siri Jarl BagewitzSiri Jarl Bagewitz5 mesi fa
  • Woman dont love you either Way anyway because we men love idealisticly but whoman love oppurtunisticly that means how you can make her "FEEL" Therese no uncondicious love there Only what you can provide like a resource

    David PerssonDavid Persson5 mesi fa
  • Had the most success with other girls when I had a girl myself. Why ? Because I had dropped the persona.

    Victor Bey-SmithVictor Bey-Smith5 mesi fa
  • Ask the person you like what they want. SO MANY PEOPLE just assume if they like someone, they should just pursue them no matter what. Does the person like them? They'll make that person like them. Does that person want a relationship? They'll make that person want a relationship. Please avoid imposing your desires on the other person. Leave a polite way out. Accept, "No thank you."

    Victoria McCauleyVictoria McCauley5 mesi fa
  • No I don't agree. The number one dating mistake is thinking the man chooses the woman. For a successful relationship the female will select the male by displaying her attraction. If a woman does not like you, move on to one that does. This is why talking to a girl just based on her looks is not wise. You will never convince her to like you, and if you do it won't last. What matters is her initial attraction to you. Ignore the social norms about looks and just go and talk to women that are attracted to you. You will find you can build on this initial attraction into an emotional connection, something that goes beyond just looks.

    Wind WardWind Ward5 mesi fa
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    Ryan JoeyRyan Joey5 mesi fa
  • Do this charisma thing Do this charisma thing Don´t be your dating-you

    Fabian R.Fabian R.5 mesi fa
  • The best way to be yourself during a first date? Do something together. Be active, visit an exhibition, go on a hike, gaming night, whatever, something generally fun and harmless... Activities always give you enough distraction from each other while you both experience something to remember. Plus it is hard to keep up a mask when you are on a surfboard or solving riddles in an escape room. Edit: I've seen this dating concept more in Germany/Austria/CH than in the USA. But it is really more fun and more relaxing.

    paraprog85paraprog855 mesi fa
  • Definitely avoid talking about politics if you're anywhere right of centre on any issue.

    Luke HarveyLuke Harvey5 mesi fa
  • Don't just tell the truth about what you see, tell the truth about who you are.

    Josh WynnJosh Wynn5 mesi fa
  • sometimes it's just existing

    GalaxyOfReeses KIngGalaxyOfReeses KIng5 mesi fa
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  • I was a dm my friends got hugger so I cook

    ghost thunderghost thunder5 mesi fa
  • Yes I to smile witch is a big mistake When I should stick my tongue out

    ghost thunderghost thunder5 mesi fa
  • soo ingenuity?

    qzectbu145qzectbu1456 mesi fa
  • Before i watch the video. Judging from the just the thumbnail. The left picture makes me think you're some cringy teen. The right picture makes me think you're a confident man. I wonder why your thumbnail makes the left picture good and the right picture bad

    Smelly FeetSmelly Feet6 mesi fa
  • Well, be yourself. Don't act. Fortunately, this is what I do. I guess maybe I'm just a bit left field since I never made it pass first date.

    MontevideoMontevideo6 mesi fa
  • Long story short, just be you. Always work on yourself for yourself, doing what makes you successful and happy. You do that, you will not have to wear a mask and you will naturally attract people you vibe with. Don't get stuck trying to spend tons of money you don't have to impress someone and don't try to keep up an act that will tire you out.

    TheLoneBitTheLoneBit6 mesi fa
  • does this apply to the LGBTQ community?

    Riski RillsRiski Rills6 mesi fa
  • Another advice: Try to figure out what the woman likes the most about herself and then compliment her on exactly that. For example, if a woman has a toned body, don‘t say her body looks great, but compliment her on her discipline to train regularly. Compliments about a women’s body shape are probably the worst that you can make if you don’t know her well - they may signal that the man might be primarily interested in her body. You could also compliment her on her creativity because of their well put together outfit. The easiest way to find out what people like about themselves is to ask about their hobbies or what they usually do on weekends. Especially, if a woman is very attractive, saying something just about her beauty, will not make you stand out among all the other guys. No-brainers to compliment women on are: Kindness, creatively, charm, confidence, humor/her jokes, thoughtfulness, cooking skills, style, cheerful attitude etc. In my case, if a man compliments me in some way on my humor or intelligence, I will like him immediately a lot more. Sadly most of the time 90% of compliments are somehow related to my look. Sad world! Btw, great video.

    Creative Workouts with MelinaCreative Workouts with Melina6 mesi fa
  • cringe

    flustered duckflustered duck6 mesi fa
  • Hi I’m date Mike, nice to meet me.

    JuiceBoy XDJuiceBoy XD6 mesi fa
  • Yeah i have a big problem, im from italy, here blasphemy is part of the language and in the region im from it is commonly used (not necessarily with a vulgar or blasphemous intent but just out of habit) and i like a Christian girl...

    Luca GambiniLuca Gambini6 mesi fa
  • a comment that self proclaims to be true and sounds like it actually have logic behaind it.

    Matan KribusMatan Kribus6 mesi fa
  • So what do I do if I get a girlfriend??

    Ocital _Ocital _7 mesi fa
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    Rasel VhiiRasel Vhii7 mesi fa
  • i wear sweatpants whenever im meeting a dude, i set the standards as low as possible hence why im still single

    ee7 mesi fa
  • I can't listen to you cuz u a beta male

    Garoui GAMINGGaroui GAMING7 mesi fa
  • Y'know what I've never gotten. I feel like relationships in America are a bit different (or maybe I'm mistaken and this is pretty common worldwide). I'm from India and the way we enter into relationships is we get to know the girl better and when the time comes we don't ask her out on a date, we ask her if she wants to be our girlfriend and if she says yes then we start to go out on dates. The reason I find it strange is because the woman going on a date is not obliged to stay loyal to the person with whom she's going out on a date (atleast on the first few dates) which would totally not fly here.

    Siddharth RanganathaSiddharth Ranganatha8 mesi fa
  • not controlling your hornyness around women very bad

    NeverStopAsking WhyNeverStopAsking Why8 mesi fa
  • nice.

    Nbern NassinNbern Nassin8 mesi fa
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  • Reminded me of date mike

    Yazes VeyYazes Vey8 mesi fa
  • This guy has the widest mouth I’ve ever seen

    JoelBrandonMediaJoelBrandonMedia8 mesi fa
  • I watched this video about 8 months ago, and only watching it again now do I really start to get it.

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    Urijah DoyleUrijah Doyle9 mesi fa
  • Be yourself. If she doesn't like the real you, why would you want her anyway?

    Charlie5thumbsCharlie5thumbs9 mesi fa
  • You give the best advice I have seen.

    Syed AliSyed Ali9 mesi fa
  • Jack denmo is really good at this he help a lot

    Braden BryceBraden Bryce10 mesi fa
  • I don't like it when women seemingly make no effort in the early stages of dating and so the onus gets put on men to worry if that person likes them or not.

    Renegade of FunkRenegade of Funk10 mesi fa
  • We're to the point where guys just need to do the opposite of everything they usually do and think is the right thing to do.

    Clark FluegelClark Fluegel10 mesi fa
  • I actually love u bro

    Rage 399Rage 39910 mesi fa
  • Damn, too bad i watch this video after she break up with me, if i watch this before, could saved me a lot pain 🙁🙁

    Johnny McKeirayJohnny McKeiray10 mesi fa
  • What to say if a girl ask you this? What’s the one thing that never fails to light up your smile?

    Millennial FreedomMillennial Freedom10 mesi fa
  • Thank you for this. The High School Military Ball is coming up. I really need this.

  • Excellent tips and advice.

    New ThoughtNew Thought10 mesi fa
  • You are so handsome and smart!

    cicci uzzucicci uzzu11 mesi fa
  • this happened to me but with one of my only close friends lmao and we started to realize we don’t have a lot in common, we have different sense of humor, and it’s really awkward when we’re together.

    isidro420isidro42011 mesi fa
  • I have my first date in two days and I'm so nervy

    Spencer AbramsSpencer Abrams11 mesi fa
  • I swear to God... How many women do you have to seduce before you start looking at black deep neck V's and think to yourself "hell yeah"

    Blueis NotgreenBlueis Notgreen11 mesi fa
  • You look like somebody fell asleep on the keyboard during character creation and spammed the make wider button

    Blueis NotgreenBlueis Notgreen11 mesi fa
  • why is it a man giving advice. should be a woman

    nihaomaxiexienihaomaxiexie11 mesi fa
  • What? LOL. Crazy. Here's the big secret. When you go on a date, you go to see if they will/can like you and if you will/can like them. This will usually take several dates. When you go on a date, take the thousand year old advice of..."be yourself". Ta daaaa! You're welcome.

    John RJohn RAnno fa
  • she, her, not them !

    mtlicqmtlicqAnno fa
  • Glad I took the extreme view of "having multiple personalities is bad" and just want to be the same person no matter where I'm at or who's there. At work I'm quiet and get work done, when I'm social I'm quiet and find "work" type things to do, and get them done. Good for being genuine it's just hard to find people who like me, even just as friends.

    The MarauderThe MarauderAnno fa
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  • I am here just to read comments

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  • I love this guy in the Kerbal Space Program, and I also love these videos!

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  • So basically, be authentic...

    TheLearningPhaseTheLearningPhaseAnno fa
  • b urself

    DonziDonziAnno fa
  • Don´t listent to him guys, he just wants you to f*** up so there are more girls for him

    GratisKagePåLørdagGratisKagePåLørdagAnno fa
  • This above all to thine own self be true William Shakespeare

    Peter BarkerPeter BarkerAnno fa
  • You want to impress me? 1. Hygiene. Shower, shave, clean clothes... 2. Be humble, sincere. 3. Have a job.

    SJASJAAnno fa
  • great video, a very important topic

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  • his Eyebrows are like insects trying to avoid a rolled up newspaper

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  • This will hopefully help me with Sims. cus no chance Im going out of my room

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