5 Common Phrases People Use To Manipulate You

21 gen 2019
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I know this sounds a little insane…
People are trying to manipulate you ALL THE TIME!
No, I’m not joking.
Sometimes this comes from a relatively positive place, like when your parents would tell you to eat your veggies so you can get superpowers.
BUT people don’t always have your best interest in mind.
That’s why we’re going to breakdown what manipulation looks like so you can save yourself!
0:51 - Phrase #1: “You Said…”
2:04 - Phrase #2: “I Would Never…”
2:51 - Phrase #3: “Don’t Throw Away ____”
4:16 - Phrase #4: “What A Good Man/Woman Should Be”
6:14 - Phrase #5: “This Is How We Do Things _____________”
8:45 - Book Recommendations
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  • The most manipulative thing I hear is people starting sentences with "Honestly..." Protip: people who start every other sentence with "honestly" are usually lying to you the rest of the time.

    Amiable ModronAmiable Modron44 minuti fa
  • Is it odd that I watch these to do an inventory of my life

    IDKWIDIDKWID2 ore fa
  • Great list. Love the RDJ interview video. Excellent content!

    jude anne *the candor channel*jude anne *the candor channel*4 ore fa
  • Excellent job guys. So you are Charlie? Yes! Never rush into decisions. Take a step back. People don't necessarily deserve to be trusted. Not until they prove trustworthiness

    Cali Girl Lost In SpaceCali Girl Lost In Space4 ore fa
  • Charlie great job!

    Mateo KuljisMateo Kuljis4 ore fa
  • So smart

    Raven RavellaRaven Ravella6 ore fa
  • ...silence when they asked me about my vacation habits.

    Tom MunyonTom Munyon6 ore fa
  • I froze out the presenter at one of those timeshare things my wife drug me to. I genuinely resented sacrificing my time to come to the thing, so the presenter actually shuddered when I just glared in stony

    Tom MunyonTom Munyon6 ore fa
  • I find it interesting that people would do these high pressure sales tactics. My "biggest" sale ever was low pressure. But that's what a store butcher or clerk should do. Essentially, a father came in and wanted to buy a bunch of wieners for a birthday party. He asked where they were in the store. I answered his question and asked him if he had ever tried our store made ones. That's not high pressure, it's just a question. He said that he was sure they were good, but that he was going to get the brand name ones for the kids birthday party, because he knew everyone liked that. Which is true. So I said that sure, that made sense, but if he hadn't tried them before, maybe he'd like to try one now so he knew how good they were. Maybe he'd buy them some other time if he liked them. No entrapment here, no pressure either. Just asking if he'd like to try one. And no expectation of a sale either. If he liked them, maybe he'd like some other time. He liked them. He liked them so much that he bought a whole bunch. That's how you sell sausage. Get someone to try them, and love them.

    HrHaakonHrHaakon8 ore fa
  • "Don't throw away" God, that one gets used a lot to manipulate people into staying in dead end, toxic relationships, whether they be romantic, friend, or familial. Just know that you didn't throw anything away because there was never anything there to lose in the first place. You saved yourself by leaving those people and their toxic control over you behind.

    RedOphelia 13RedOphelia 138 ore fa
  • As soon as someone uses a phrase that is intended in manipulating you. Or someone says, "So, what you are saying is..." simply end the conversation by walking away. I have done this in the middle of the other person's sentences. This may be considered rude to some. But it is far more rude to try to manipulate someone with their own words or trying to manipulate someone using manipulative phrases. I have not been in an arguement in over 20 years using this method. I have not been used nor betrayed by anybody by simply leaving conversations.

    Indrid ColdIndrid Cold10 ore fa
  • What I don't get is how those salesmen expect to trap me with my own arguments when I can just hang up the phone because they are being annoying

    Anton SuprunAnton Suprun10 ore fa
  • You have to remember that sales people spend the entire day, every day, answering any questions or objections you may have. It's not a fair fight.

    Fireboat52Fireboat5217 ore fa
  • Husband and I are seperated. He has used all of these and yes every one of them are manipulation. These people are scary to me.

    Hannah KingHannah KingGiorno fa
  • “ But the thing is”, as in “But the thing is, we’ve put 4 ft wide base of compressed gravel where we are installing a 3 ft wide sidewalk, so we want to leave a foot of gravel where you want to reinstall the lawn.”

    John SteedJohn SteedGiorno fa
  • It also reminds me also of how the US corrupt politicians use the phrase,,, Common Sense,,, anytime they use that phrase if you look at what they are trying to do is take away peoples Constitutional rights and gut the Constitution and promote socialism which is slavery.

    kjhalesnckjhalesncGiorno fa
  • Listen to and obey Intuition it is never wrong.

    Carl BowlesCarl BowlesGiorno fa
  • Interesting topic (4/10), but your delivery, narration, presentation skills.... impeccable (10/10). Please consider doing a video on Gravity - AEinstein's idea that it is NOT a force, and that you are not falling but the ground is rising to meet you. The subject matter is really cool, very interesting and not intuitive. So, you are the weapon to elucidate so that people "get-it."

    RobertoRobertoGiorno fa
  • Never too old to learn something new.

    AmbidextrousAmbidextrousGiorno fa
  • Another phrase I've heard from manipulative people is "no one can make you feel (fill in blank). You're the only person responsible for your emotions". This is their way of denying all responsibility for being a jerk.

    MJ _DolmanMJ _DolmanGiorno fa
  • 0:24 "This isn't always the case." - That is very important. If you feel forced, it's manipulation. If there's _nothing_ in it for you, then the person is manipulating you to your harm. But you could still be manipulated into doing things for your own good. However, it doesn't feel good and breeds mistrust. On the other hand, persuasion respects your free will, making it clear that the decision is yours.

    Gabe's HacksGabe's HacksGiorno fa
  • Luckily I don't have friends to get manipulated by.

    TimeWalkerTimeWalkerGiorno fa
  • what a bs... 1."But you said..." - while in the example of marketing it doesnt connect in any shape or form "...but you said that you like xyz" does not mean you like the service/product they are selling. However, if you give some one your word - you should end up finishing what you said even if in the process you change your mind . For example: I would to go to a movie with you. in the mean time you maybe you watched the movie or lost interest in it - if you dont go, your word and trust towards you will vanish and no one will believe afterwards. You can see this type of people who can hold up any human relationship long term, because sooner or later it comes clear that they are lying 2."...I would never..." - is used not to be manipulated, but shows the level of the intellectual capabilities. 3. "dont throw away ..." - is usually used in terms of legal paperwork or unfinished documents. However when we are talking in terms of the personal achievements, it becomes more difficult. For example Career/Education: This phrase can work only on people with low knowledge of themselves (and for those i would say it is better to keep what they already archived), while for people who know exactly what they want - this phrase can not be manipulative 4. "what good gender should be.." - that is used mostly to express own preference/cultural believes and not to manipulate 5. "this is how we do things in this industry "... okay, so safety guidelines are trying to manipulate you ? Maybe a software developing process which allows to detect issues faster is manipulating you ? No - I would argue that until a person understands the standards of the industry, should keep his opinion to himself. All you video did show, is how close minded (whoever wrote your script) is. Sorry, but all you do is spreading "victimhood" mentality and actually it is not helping people in any shape of form. While those phrases can be used to manipulate, it is quite rare and your examples are targeting very small groups with even more rarer situations.

    Александр СмирновАлександр СмирновGiorno fa
  • Taking notes lol

    ThecrazeecowThecrazeecowGiorno fa
  • Don't throw away___. >Well don't threaten me with a good time.

    Kris CoumbeKris Coumbe2 giorni fa
  • I appreciate your points, but your suggested responses to them are way too long, unnatural, drawn out and scripted. I still subscribed, though. Good channel.

    NerdOutNerdOut2 giorni fa
  • I find when someone says ‘I would never’ I respond with ‘I know you would never’ it stuffs them up because your basically telling them you don’t care about what they would it would not do ... it makes them realise you don’t base your decisions on their opinion ...

    Stalker ButsStalker Buts2 giorni fa
  • - You don't trust me? - Look it's not that I don't trust you, but you don't have any responsibility if things go wrong. Only I am responsible for that, so I'm getting a second opinion.

    gautham vijayangautham vijayan2 giorni fa
  • Fuckin Amway kids

    Tempest Angel slayerTempest Angel slayer2 giorni fa
  • "You don't trust me?" No. I don't. Do YOU trust ME? Let me borrow your credit card.

    E BonE Bon2 giorni fa
  • "I'll be darned" how cute

    Dam HoodDam Hood2 giorni fa
  • Are people still using "newbie"? I thought it was "noob" rhyming with tube.

    doug randalldoug randall3 giorni fa
  • So, are you ready to have the timeshare of your dreams? You said there was no strings attached. I would never buy your timeshare. A good man wouldn’t ask me again. This isn’t how I do business. 😂

    Evan ScottEvan Scott3 giorni fa
  • 1- "You said...." 2- "I would never..." 3-"Don't throw away..." 4-"What a good man/woman should be" 5-"This is how we do things in this industry/around here"

    AvatarTTfanAvatarTTfan3 giorni fa
  • anybody that calls you buddy all the time,,,,,aint yer buddy

    Axe GrinderAxe Grinder3 giorni fa
  • Brilliant video!

    Arham RehmanArham Rehman3 giorni fa
  • That was really great! It sounds so easy, but I guess we all know it isn’t. It must work, or they would t use it... Thank YOU

    davlkidavlki3 giorni fa
  • My dad told me that infering that advice you give will be more accepted if you tell the other person that your dad said it first

    The BossThe Boss3 giorni fa
  • Often manipulators use the fact that you 'play by the rules' against you. I.e. you are honest, keep your word, trusting/trustworthy, forgiving, give benefit of the doubt, treat ppl how you want to be treated, reliable, integrity, follow social convention like common courtesy. You play by the rules and they don't but they make sure you keep playing by the rules, cuz this keeps them in a position of power over you. This is why you don't associate with ppl of low morality. Its only a matter of time before they screw you over.

    TomTom4 giorni fa
  • Recently Someone I know (female) whom is a science teacher in a comprehensive school tryed to convince me that when you get fat it's because of bones expanding not fat mass expanding 😂 told me everything I need to know about them

    Antony StandenAntony Standen4 giorni fa
  • .

    Niilo FridénNiilo Fridén4 giorni fa
  • There’s a reason that the frat boys called me a GDI (God Damned Independent) -because I went with what I felt, not some need to conform! However you have given me some more tactful ways of answering. Thank you!

    Yvette ArbyYvette Arby4 giorni fa
  • People do love their mind games or dominance games. Recently a guy was trying to intimidate me into doing something I didn't want to do. He accused me of not caring about other people's opinions and feelings. I agreed with him. I don't to one extent or another. I think I demoralized him because all he could do was cuss at me as I walked away. Another day in sunny and vanilla LA . . .

    Hun KameHun Kame5 giorni fa
  • I tried growing up once.... didn’t like it..... that’s my answer

    Lucas andersonLucas anderson5 giorni fa
  • Say no without feeling guilty

    Lucas andersonLucas anderson5 giorni fa
  • "Dont throw away ___" Yeah, that kinda hurt to realize that that is exactly what kept me in my last relationship, oof. That fear of loss. 😕

    MrAlucard7MrAlucard75 giorni fa
  • If I go to a specialist and they start talking about cutting me open with little investigation I’m out the door.

    Richard MurrayRichard Murray5 giorni fa
  • Don't take drugs... Ok?

    N33T00 K1mN33T00 K1m5 giorni fa
  • whenever I tried to use the "you said" on my parents when I was a kid, they'd just hit me with the, "stop telling me what I said". My manipulation tactics started early but needed some work.

    Failedpuberty6xFailedpuberty6x5 giorni fa
  • "I would never..." "Then don't" 💁🏻‍♀️ 😜

    WhackBytchWhackBytch6 giorni fa
  • .

    Brix FarezzioBrix Farezzio6 giorni fa
  • Don't throw a blank has been my biggest hindrance. Time for something new.

    Taura HelmsTaura Helms6 giorni fa
  • Thanks, now I will use these to manipulate my friend into paying for the food bills.

    Noir L.Noir L.7 giorni fa
  • "A real man _______"-usually used by women (whether friends, family, relationships, etc) whenever they want a man to do something they have absolutely no right to ask for.

    Burt1038Burt10387 giorni fa
  • The lack of jump cuts in this video is refreshing!

    Christopher NewtonChristopher Newton7 giorni fa
  • Alternate title: 5 tricks that I will try to use to manipulate people

    AnomalyAnomaly8 giorni fa
  • If someone accuses me of not being mature I usually say, "yeah, so what:?

    standrewstandrew8 giorni fa
  • I was manipulated into signing up for Karate and it turned out to be the catylyst for a new life.

    Abyssman URAbyssman UR8 giorni fa
  • Wow... I didn't know that I was being manipulated, I just thought I was being peer-pressured. I've definately experienced this a lot and I'm learning to not be a push-over anymore. But because I don't know what to say, I just tell them what they want hear... Well.. it's not actually what they want to hear, I just tell myself that they want to hear it because I'm aware enough to know that they know what they're doing and usually when I give them the answer that they "want" they stop bothering me, so they clearly aahh wanted it because if they didn't, they wouldn't be bothering me all the time. So I'm doing them and myself a favour, because why else would you pursposefully do what you do if you're not expecting a specific result? For example: 1. "You said..." Me: "Yes. I did." Person: "So, why aren't you doing it? " Me: "Because I don't want to." Person: "Why?" Me: "Cause I just don't want to." 2. "i would never do that." Me: "I would." Usually with this answer, I get more questions, and like I said I just tell them what they want to hear. (again, not really, but you get my point) 3. "You don't trust me?" Me: "Yes." And because I'm a pushover who has recently taken steps to empower themselves, I'm not used to the reactions that I get. Usually people just look at me with a shocked face or a face that shows that they got their feelings hurt or they try and throw insults at me and then I walk away. When I get to place where they can't see or hear me, as usual, I ask myself what happened because it was a little bit of a confusing experience, I was feeling scared and everything but I wasn't doing what they wanted so... After asking myself that question, I just start laughing. I don't know if it's because laughing is my coping mechanism or if I genuinely think it's hilarious that I went through that but I laugh and then the next day, I forget about it... Whether it's a coping mechanism or not, I think it's better than having bottled up resentment against myself and other people.

    Nondumiso HlazoNondumiso Hlazo8 giorni fa
  • That "i would never" boy. Often used by folks who do just that

    XeniasWorldXeniasWorld9 giorni fa
  • Subscribed

    Kern County Stories KCSKern County Stories KCS9 giorni fa
  • As an entrepreneur in REAL ESTATE....say no 2 time shares

    Missi QueMissi Que10 giorni fa
  • SNakes

    Missi QueMissi Que10 giorni fa
  • We kno

    Missi QueMissi Que10 giorni fa
  • "Don't throw away..." I'm pouring gas on it and setting it on fire.

    Steven IngramSteven Ingram10 giorni fa
  • "I guess I'm a bad person." "Why do I have to be the bad guy?" "Do I still matter?" "If thats the way you feel." "I guess you don't love me anymore." These are the ones I heard a lot, but I was faced mostly with emotional manipulation.

    TheStargirl220TheStargirl22010 giorni fa
  • "I would never marinate a Congresswoman."

    Alex ValléeAlex Vallée11 giorni fa
    • Lol whaaa...t? Never say never buddy.

      K GalK Gal6 giorni fa
  • I used to verbally say out loud “but you said” in an a attempt to call a manipulator out when they have attempted to lie or gaslight. Now, I just think it and silently drop them. Otherwise these three words can easily be twisted to make you look like the manipulator because it is so commonly used as a form of manipulation. Also, if you are dealing with a true narcissist or sociopath they will never acknowledge they ever said it even if you have substantial evidence.

    Sangita kAtun Sarmin KatunSangita kAtun Sarmin Katun11 giorni fa
  • Damn your smart, i hope this is for children

  • Your hand gestures are extremely distracting. Try reducing your frequency of gesticulation.

    Zek's Last TapesZek's Last Tapes11 giorni fa
  • why all of a sudden is EVERY youtuber using the "Prayer Hands" hand gesture. hmmm

    Badguy ReloadedBadguy Reloaded12 giorni fa
  • An ex of mine would say "sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do to make the other person happy" as a coercion tactic. She was a bit of a nag.

    The J-ManThe J-Man12 giorni fa
  • K

    TrumpetTrumpet12 giorni fa
  • When someone try to corner me, I try to return that against that, to make them feel how it feels liked. I know, cause people did that to me in the past and I learned how unfair I was with these people. Were human, we make mistakes, just learn from it, cause regret will never solve anything. This whole thing is called maturity and im not ashamed to admit my past mistakes.

    fried panfried pan12 giorni fa
  • Omgawd! KEE-YUTE guy from behind the camera! Fiyahh 🔥 I’m new to the channel.

    Dolly Hannigan-KruegerDolly Hannigan-Krueger13 giorni fa
  • ...or you could say "of course I don't trust you, I don't know you!" Im pretty sure an actual, legitimate pro wouldn't expect you to and would handle the situation accordingly. But your way is very disarming and I can respect that. Thank you for the insight into these behavior patterns! Ill be subscribing and watching your backlog of vids!

    Edward TerrellEdward Terrell13 giorni fa
  • This is good stuff, I like this.

    1L-191L-1913 giorni fa
  • In regards to #1 - if they say "But you said..." then just say "okay". You don't have to explain yourself if you don't want to! If they say "But you just said that you like the beach" then say something like "Yes, I like the beach. So?" or "Yes, and what's wrong with that?" By flipping the dialogue you are beginning to lead the conversation in your way. And if they are on the streets and try to persuade you, you can just say "I have to go now. Have a nice day". You haven't destroyed their life or forced an airplane on them. You simply aren't interested, and that's okay. :)

    Marc Vincent KlitgaardMarc Vincent Klitgaard13 giorni fa
  • "Yes, I like saving money on my vacation. By not going on vacations."

    Cryt KryssusCryt Kryssus13 giorni fa
  • “Would you kindly...?”

    Allen UsreyAllen Usrey13 giorni fa
  • Here's a phrase that is used against you "this is a win-win for everyone". When someone is pushing a negotiation or compromise, beware of people who use this phrase. What it usually actually means is "I'm going to get my way specifically by preventing you from getting what you want." People who use the win-win phrase are usually trying to screw you.

    Jeff LarickJeff Larick13 giorni fa
  • His teeth looks brighter than my future.

    Andrew MercurioAndrew Mercurio13 giorni fa
  • I've learned the single word "if" is often used in manipulative behavior.

    C BC B13 giorni fa
  • You forgot the most important one. Whenever somebody comes to you in the middle of the mall and tries to sell you something they say" I have a special deal just for you "or more importantly "I know the price is $100 but only for you I'll sell it to you for the special price of $29.99 you seem like a good guy" that means the item is really $9.99 everywhere else on Earth

    Thomas KidwellThomas Kidwell14 giorni fa
  • Pressurisation in “selling” situations is just so annoying to me. I don’t want to be sold to, if I go out looking/shopping then fair game. I don’t go to presentations, don’t appreciate cold calls or doorstep swindlers. So these tactics rarely work on me. I find a lot of people use snobbery to make themselves feel better about themselves, whether it’s telling me they have have an excellent palate, how to appreciate the arts, the music that they listen to and how superior it is, trust me this comes out of the mouths of everyday people, who I have met. It’s their way of trying their elitist BS!

    Connie WonnieConnie Wonnie14 giorni fa
  • 1:34 accidentaly pause here and saw the ok sign

    Lol TimeLol Time14 giorni fa
  • When did i ask? Is the easy counter to all of these situations.

    BypigBypig14 giorni fa
  • The number 3, "Don't throw away ..." reminds me of a snippet from the lyrics of a song I wrote many years ago: "To go somewhere, you must leave where you are." The only way to reach a goal is to leave the place you are in now. Progress is forward movement--leaving where are you now.

    PegasusPegasus14 giorni fa
  • Well... this was amazing

    sean muchenjesean muchenje15 giorni fa
  • Windows 10 updates wtf I got work to do and windows 10 has to do a 10 hour restart wtf like every other day ?

    Mystery207Mystery20715 giorni fa
  • Can you show how men manipulate women. By pushing their bottoms to create attraction

    MaximilianoMaximiliano15 giorni fa
  • It's all much simpler: remove yourself from pushy people who think they know better about you. Watch out for the should/must/ought to/have to, type phrases..

    APMAPM16 giorni fa
  • Tell me what you think of this phrase somebody said to me really, well, 2 number 1: "so when am I going to get a reward for buying you all those things" Number 2 (the very next day): "well if you let me have my own way more often i wouldn't be so pushy, would I?" Urgh this made my bloood boil so it can't be good. I had dread in the pit of my stomach for days after PS These things were said by my boyfriend, if you hadn't guessed.

    RoyalRoseWolfRoyalRoseWolf16 giorni fa
  • Is it me or does he look a lil like Joe from You? Anyone else?

    Eldestship59626Eldestship5962616 giorni fa
  • My grandmother told us.. NEVER TAKE A DARE DEAR...Thats what manipulation is..You walk away instead.

    Heather WhittakerHeather Whittaker16 giorni fa
  • That story about the thumb tear was terrifying.

    JP KramerJP Kramer16 giorni fa
  • I would never leave a comment on Charisma on Command.

    Mike DonovanMike Donovan17 giorni fa
  • THIS MAN IS SPEAKING FACTS... This is how I got into a 2 year toxic marriage. If anyone wants advice on a situation their in please don’t hesitate to message me. I wish someone was there for me to talk to.

    Luqman WrightLuqman Wright17 giorni fa
  • " A good boy/girl listens to their parents. You are not bad right?" Another one.

    WarryaWarrya17 giorni fa
  • his eyebrows be like ~.~

    Keso GonzagaKeso Gonzaga17 giorni fa