How To Be Confident In Any Situation

29 lug 2019
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For many men, Don Draper is the epitome of confidence. What most people don’t realize is that confidence actually comes in two flavors. There is the external confidence that you project, which can make closing deals, making friends or seducing happen more naturally. There is also the internal confidence you feel which is how comfortable you are in any given situation.
In this video, we’re going to analyze what Don can teach us about both levels of confidence, and how mastering each level can take you from being nervous to completely confident in any situation.

0:41 - Lesson #1: His relaxed body language.
2:58 - Lesson #2: Don is non-reactive.
5:18 - Lesson #3: He doesn’t try to convince other people.
6:57 - Lesson #4: The belief that he will be okay, no matter what.
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  • if you are watching a video on how to be confident you'll never be confident, sorry lmao

    devon lloyddevon lloyd10 ore fa
  • Don is who I see most men trying to be. Fake superficial confidence, just trying to hold it all together without snapping. Super unhealthy to be honest. Confidence is not faked, confidence is built.

    AubatronAubatron18 ore fa
  • This should have ABSOLUTELY had a spoiler alert, for those of us who have always had it on our watchlists! Not good.

    Chidi MbanisiChidi Mbanisi21 ora fa
  • Didn't dom steal someone's identity? I never saw the show but I remember hearing that.

    Christian Mendoza TapiaChristian Mendoza Tapia22 ore fa
  • If one really wants to make educational and inspirational videos for men, guys, and boys on "HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT MAN", then it's better to make a video centering on someone who is not a good-looking man, but an average or below-average looking man.

    arijit dasarijit das23 ore fa
  • I never feel my feelings and no body can make me! *runs off screaming*

    First LastFirst LastGiorno fa
  • Don is also an actor

    Adam RAdam R2 giorni fa
  • here is an idea to get the viewers to watch on being more confident. . . . . . pick one that is not a freight train of visible carbon emissions, because second hand smoke kills faster than one that smokes.

    ScorpScorp2 giorni fa
  • it helps to be hot

    Ed ColEd Col2 giorni fa
  • but are you conscient that it is a TV show?

    eleyequieneleyequien2 giorni fa
  • Wished my zoom class was like this.

    Ronald OlzheimRonald Olzheim3 giorni fa
  • Confidence is a choice.

    Svyatoslav PetrenkoSvyatoslav Petrenko3 giorni fa
  • no matter what , you will be okay

    hudnakdjlsajlhudnakdjlsajl3 giorni fa
  • the fact that I already did this without even noticing just by habit , means my dad really taught me well lol my dad is exactly like this it’s no wonder how he’s gotten everything he wanted

    Emily131004 PerezEmily131004 Perez3 giorni fa
  • As someone with adhd how would you go about this, I have an driving urge to finish peoples sentences, to fidget, to be very reactive to external stimuli

    Adhd AndyAdhd Andy3 giorni fa
  • A person knows whether or not he CAN or can not given a task. A resident Physician ( who is in training) is unsure of his capability owing to his limited experience, where as a MD with 10 years experience knows that he CAN do it , hands down. Confidence begins in mind . IF one is not confident, there is no point faking it. That usually brings more trouble. Instead work on yourself , look with in , introspect, and keep working hard at it until you master it. The moment you know that you can do it, do a really a good job, you will be confident, and your body language also shows it, after all body language is natural, analysis of body language is what some one needs to learn. To wear good clothes, nice perfume, expensive shoes all would make others nervous- but do not make you confident. Confidence is a by product- work on yourself - Confidence happens. IMHO

    vyseerxvyseerx4 giorni fa
  • i have a lot of external confidence but less internal

    NiruxNirux4 giorni fa
  • Fact: You don’t get more confident by watching videos about how to be confident .

    Pancu MihaiPancu Mihai4 giorni fa
    • I'm sure it helps for some people. It's like the first step before you apply that stuff in your behavior over time. You also don't get smarter from books if you don't think about what you're reading and why.

      Doodle NoodleDoodle Noodle16 ore fa
  • lol didnt watch but im naturally 100% like this. Feels like a vid analysis of my behaviour.

    Piotr MPiotr M4 giorni fa
  • Thank You

    Ryleigh RainRyleigh Rain5 giorni fa
  • When you do these in front of your boss, you will be fired in a week.

    Jason LiJason Li5 giorni fa
  • i don’t understand why so many people look to Don Draper’s character as a role model. Anyone who watched the show knows he is the last person anyone should strive to be like.

    Bobby SteinerBobby Steiner5 giorni fa
  • I keep seeing these videos and the worst thing in the world to have in your life is an overconfident moron.

    News From The CanNews From The Can5 giorni fa
  • at 4:35 there was no pitch from Don to Lucky Strike

    Viktor StepanencoViktor Stepanenco6 giorni fa
  • top video

    M oM o6 giorni fa
  • I followed these rules Now i'm Super Seducer

    NsitseoNsitseo8 giorni fa
  • this is a movie, he is an actor, the other people are actors, is not a real life situation. The actor just projects what is in the script and what the director thinks it should look like. Like Mike Tyson said: everybody has a plan until they get punched . So the environment reactions is a big factor. So stop faking and acting, If you are Mike Tyson or Don Draper you have something real to be confident of and you will act upon it

    Chestii TariChestii Tari8 giorni fa
    • Yeah and occasionally a movie gets something right. You've got to learn the game because OTHERS are that way.

      Hit It or Quit ItHit It or Quit It2 giorni fa
    • Agreed.

      s ss s7 giorni fa
  • Also because he's a fictional character and a team of writers and directors wrote his behaviour. That's not what happens in real life.

    Victor LimaVictor Lima8 giorni fa
  • One of the many problems our society has is that we ALL keep acting as if our biology doesn't affect us or that we're ALL some how above it. I do believe it's our job to RISE above it but it does need to be dealt with as well. You want to be confident in any situation... 1.) lift weights (male or female) 2.) learn martial arts (male or female) 3.) watch stand up comedians and learn how to tell jokes or just steal theirs until you learn your own. 4.) or you can forget the first 3 and just learn how to make a crap ton of money

    Scott SummersScott Summers8 giorni fa
  • “Would you like your receipt?” *20 second pause “no.-I-I mean yes”

    Alec RiouxAlec Rioux9 giorni fa
  • Don Draper is the epitome of douchebag. Not someone I want to model myself after

    ruari cruari c9 giorni fa
  • 2:24 Don: My name is Don Girl: inserts tongue in mouth

    Josefina LopezJosefina Lopez9 giorni fa
  • so Kamaru usman learned to fight in 30% from this video

    Mamba DivineMamba Divine10 giorni fa
  • Making a video on an actor playing a role?? Why not break down this guys acting abilities rather than trying to analyse a fictional character thats being played by an actor and why how/why he's confident. Maybe this same channel/guy has made a video on how to be a serial killer with Hannibal Lecter as an example!! Thumbs down for this rubbish.

    tranquility321tranquility32110 giorni fa
  • But then culture entered the chat.

    Azriel DavidAzriel David10 giorni fa
  • "My name is Don" what a great pickup line, I'll definitely use it!

    Mihai Ioan TabacaruMihai Ioan Tabacaru10 giorni fa
  • Thinks: Bond. James Bond. Gets: Binks. Jar Jar Binks.

    ZedZed10 giorni fa
  • Reality check: Movies are fake and give you fake confidence with a fake personal are real man can smell a mile away. When you face death and win, when you lose everything and come back in tact... then you come back and tell me how to stand; then you come back and tell me what confidence is so I can have a chuckle. Charisma on Command is fake news and doesn't occur due to watching movies. It occurs due being pushed to the edge and coming back with fire for the clan something most 20 something know nothing about...

    JP SchwietermanJP Schwieterman11 giorni fa
  • Be dum))

    Tadas JancysTadas Jancys11 giorni fa
  • One word of advice: none of this means it's OK to become a sociopath. We already have too many of those running around.

    h5mindh5mind12 giorni fa
  • So one sec - Don Draper is the ancestor of harvey specter?

    Deepto BhattacharyaDeepto Bhattacharya12 giorni fa
  • I exercise my confidence, so I won’t even comment on this. It’s not worthy it.

    Vod JakVod Jak12 giorni fa
  • just think that in the end we are all going to be dead

    Lucas SilvaLucas Silva12 giorni fa
  • Where has the world gone, that a fictitious character is analysed for body language! ? This says everything about the charade personas that we are being asked to adopt. Don doesn't even exist, and we're analysing him! Performers apeing performances! How is that remotely scientific?

    Prospro8Prospro812 giorni fa
  • Don's secret weapon: whiskey

    thanhijarvithanhijarvi13 giorni fa
  • Believe me, you don’t wanna be like Don! He looks really dislikable and not chill at all. No clue why you would pick him as an example, he doesn’t make other people feel good, he just looks like an unhappy, stiff and arrogant person in these videos.

    CobraxCobrax13 giorni fa

    Ryan ZoneRyan Zone13 giorni fa
  • What's the movie name being shown in the video?

    Sajan ShresthaSajan Shrestha13 giorni fa
  • this is truth i live by this !

    SquirrelSquirrel14 giorni fa
  • this is giving me a lot of 48 laws of power vibes

    jesus morrisjesus morris14 giorni fa
  • lol, talking about confidence and giving examples from a tv show

    Marius StefanescuMarius Stefanescu14 giorni fa
  • Why do they think everyone is watching this TV show? I'm already halfway and I haven't figured out who the hell Don Draper is

    WhaT VideoWhaT Video14 giorni fa
  • Don I am Not Don

    TheLeadersTeacherTheLeadersTeacher14 giorni fa
  • Does this work for someone like me who's 5 foot 6

    PGPG14 giorni fa
  • you think this dude is confident ? you havent met Hank Moody.

    qwerty asdfgqwerty asdfg15 giorni fa
  • jesus... i did all Don did in the video in a recent "episode" i had before watching this video ,i've gone through all the stages even told some people some truth's that should had literally killed because of the shame,and only after this step,u truly begin to feel like whatever happens....happens,and it's gonna be ok.

    Claudiu PaulClaudiu Paul15 giorni fa
  • So basically accepting oneself is the very key factor on being confident, kinda mind blowing that it also goes around by the famous saying "once you start believing in yourself, anything is possible".

    secrektsecrekt16 giorni fa
  • he would have been a great Clark Kent

    Affirm NationAffirm Nation16 giorni fa
  • high hopes panic at the disco

    Kyle CaryKyle Cary16 giorni fa
  • that's not possible, just accept it and you'll be at peace with who you are. peace of mind is more important than charisma

    ceci celaceci cela16 giorni fa
  • How to be confident in any situation: Don’t be broke.

    phil nightjarphil nightjar17 giorni fa
    • Don’t forget to be also good looking

      X2 JoelMK 33X2 JoelMK 334 giorni fa
  • You do understand this is a character in a TV series right? 🤣

    Mista 808Mista 80818 giorni fa
  • I have come to believe that I have absolutely nothing in common with this man...

    BravozuluBravozulu18 giorni fa
  • Who the heck is Don and why should I know him?

    Milk of the DragonMilk of the Dragon18 giorni fa
  • 0:16 Two types of confidence: External and Internal 0:43 1: Relaxed body language 3:03 2: Be non-reactive 5:24 3: Don’t try to convince people 7:04 4: Believe that you will always be ok

    Dr. Jon Tam - Career Clarity CoachDr. Jon Tam - Career Clarity Coach18 giorni fa
  • When you think you are don draper but really you are just Michael Scott

    Guanzheng WuGuanzheng Wu19 giorni fa
  • Totally worth to watch this video❤️❤️

    God GodGod God19 giorni fa
  • this kind of malarkey is exactly why psychology will always be the weird uncle of science

    Marius NorheimMarius Norheim19 giorni fa
  • One of the best movies 🤭

  • too bad this world values confidence over competence

    kim Jong-unsubkim Jong-unsub19 giorni fa
  • In our society most people won't let you have that pauses. They interrupt and they don't let you think. I do this often myself because everything needs to be clarified/done so fast.

    Andre AdlerAndre Adler19 giorni fa
  • I live for myself and I answer to no one. - Lightning McQueen

    Chris HatcherChris Hatcher19 giorni fa
  • You're explaining this to a person who's had to go through their final year of school in 2020

    Campbell HarrisCampbell Harris20 giorni fa
  • When i try to act confident it usually backfires and i become more stiff.

    DemzzDemzz20 giorni fa
  • The 30% rule is what they told me

    k denk den20 giorni fa
  • None of this will work if you're ugly

    MFarajiMFaraji20 giorni fa
    • based

      123Bosniak123Bosniak20 giorni fa
  • Your seriously modelling confidence irl off of a fictional tv show character?

    mlearner1987mlearner198720 giorni fa
  • chevelle

    trongvinh nguyenthuy Grouptrongvinh nguyenthuy Group20 giorni fa
  • 2:24 Don: "My name is Don." Woman: *dives in and kisses him* Me: "Well dayumn okaaay.. I'm sold..." *rewinds and actually pays attention* LOL

    Joshua Kristall-WagnerJoshua Kristall-Wagner21 giorno fa
  • ....

    J.DJ.D21 giorno fa
  • Spike: “Whatever happens, happens.”

    Some Random PersonSome Random Person21 giorno fa
  • which movie is that?

    S.A.JS.A.J21 giorno fa
  • going to try this for my online classes

    Shayan RafeedShayan Rafeed22 giorni fa
  • Rember this comment "Mad men" was based on the timeline of the mid to late 60s there weren't mobile devices all round. This was a period when men could really be confident without back thoughts of what a lady has texted her mate concerning his appearance haha.

    C RobinsonC Robinson22 giorni fa
  • What happened to fake it until you make it huh?

    John SmithJohn Smith22 giorni fa
  • saying I got a confidence boost would be an understatement

    Shark Saver!!Shark Saver!!22 giorni fa
  • Would say he... drapes himself across chairs? ....I'll see myself out

    BioshadowXBioshadowX22 giorni fa
  • Umm whats that dom guy movie name ? (;-;)

    009 009009 00922 giorni fa
  • For me, Tommy from Peaky blinders is most confident

    ?A?A22 giorni fa
  • Don’t follow videos. You have a different life than shown in the video. You have different responsibilities.

    J JJ J22 giorni fa
  • So exhausting to be this calculated.

    Shannon DavidsonShannon Davidson23 giorni fa
  • The interviews I've always done the best at were the ones I went to thinking I didnt really need the gig.

    E SE S23 giorni fa
  • man yall are actually teaching me something while im at school learning bs

    R MawhorterR Mawhorter23 giorni fa
  • This is what women love

    Kaj AllisonKaj Allison23 giorni fa
  • Imagine a group of friends having Harvey Don Ryan Gosling in it

    Happy CubingHappy Cubing23 giorni fa
  • Who lives like this? Relax into the state of presence and life becomes easy and doors open naturally See Eckhart Tolle

    Maty HMaty H23 giorni fa
  • Problem with confident people, especially people that force themselves to be confident can easily become over-confident and/or lose their confidence again after a long while. Confidence comes naturally with succes, friends and people you can be proud of to be with, people loving you or wanting you and -being who or what you aim to be. Try to be a better person and try to go for your goals even if it fails, know when to priorize other goals and try to create new ones. Even in worst case scenario, if everything fails, after a long while you can still become confident because you've always been true to yourself! I think confidence should be a mix of healthy well earned confidence and a bit of confidence in yourself to become confident and the man/woman you like to grow towards to which often goes together. It's being confident by knowing who you want to be and being proud of that vision while accepting that that vision changes, always. ~'Otherwise -In The End- your confidence is nothing more than a hollow lie.' At least some parts must become true..

    N JDBN JDB23 giorni fa
  • Hm. Gave me interest in checking out "mad men".

    Romy AntonnetteRomy Antonnette23 giorni fa
  • u know how people think and you can be confident when talking to them that youre going to get an agreement/positive discussion. He knows how bigdogs think, they want ALL OF IT.

    Kappa JackKappa Jack23 giorni fa
  • Glad 3+0 = 3 my Lucky Name Number no wonder my typing confidence has been good so by math I am in the 30% Rule I win💖😍😀💖

    Leila-Leader Nambinga-LeaderLeila-Leader Nambinga-Leader23 giorni fa