How To Command Respect Without Being A Jerk

17 giu 2019
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You’re going to come across some conversational bullies in the course of your life. Generally, people try to shut them down with insults and aggression, and some others prefer to walk away from these interactions to avoid that kind of negativity.
But there is a third, potentially more effective way to deal with these toxic people. Russell Brand, for instance, tries to take control of the conversation instead of shutting it down. This allows him to stand up for himself without coming across like a jerk. His interview with three hosts at the MSNBC morning show is a perfect example of the main strategies that you can use to dominate any bully in any conversation.

0:55 - Practice #1: Continue speaking until the end of your sentence.
1:55 - Practice #2: Treat each member of a group as an individual.
2:51 - Practice #3: Emphasize similarities with other members.
10:01 - Practice #4: Learn to detach your ego from personal attacks.
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    • I

      NutAGutGamirNutAGutGamir7 giorni fa
    • I have loved Russell Brand since the first time I saw him. I think he is a wonderful person, and people who dont like him , the problem is probably with looks like he has done a FANTASTIC job.

      Holly HouseHolly House6 mesi fa
    • I missed Brand’s interview on MSNBC, he was treated horribly by the hosts, they judged him to be an ignorant movie star, when in fact he is absolutely a genius, who spends his time on the greater good and had a moral compass.

      Honey TestaHoney Testa11 mesi fa
    • @izzynelo No, he hasn't.

      GrimReaperNegiGrimReaperNegi11 mesi fa
    • @GrimReaperNegi Has he covered Yang yet?

      izzyneloizzynelo11 mesi fa
  • I have done the oh your one of those line for years yah it works people stop there sh** I I usually only have to say it once

    DR.Acula AndersonDR.Acula AndersonGiorno fa
  • I find it patronizing and generally condescending when someone I know, who I know already knows my name, uses my name to address me in conversation. Do you?

    J. XochimitlJ. Xochimitl3 giorni fa
  • The whole problem is, Russell's IQ and EQ is higher than all those interviewers' put together.

    Al HaAl Ha4 giorni fa
  • Why he's able to do so is due to his perpetual meditation and his commitment to personal growth without any mind-altering substance that may interfere and handicap his capacity for being the best version of himself.

    Jorge LandellJorge Landell4 giorni fa
  • The way she split at 3:18 🔥

    nasser ænasser æ6 giorni fa
  • Russell is eloquent. That's a great characteristic to convey thoughts and ideas.

    Paul CagePaul Cage10 giorni fa
  • Russell Brand is a social magician

    Brizz TVBrizz TV17 giorni fa
  • Interesting

    Stephanie UUStephanie UU18 giorni fa
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    dano dandandano dandan19 giorni fa
  • He's a celebrity, compliments will come in a conversation... what with the rest of us normal people?

    misssy86misssy8623 giorni fa
    • He is still a normal human being, being a celebrity doesn't matter.

      Reuben SearlReuben Searl5 giorni fa
  • Thank you! Thank you so much for this video and the others you put out. These are really helping out my situation at work. Thanks to these videos and you putting them out I have not reached my low point in my life yet thanks to you.

    Bobby BoucherBobby Boucher24 giorni fa
  • Yo is this NileRed?

    jack corneliusjack cornelius25 giorni fa
  • 11:18 "I made the face, I pays the price!" Hahahaha! I lost it on that. Smooth!

    Vineet MahendruVineet Mahendru26 giorni fa
  • they are all social games to begin with and should be dismissed

    Jason RobertsJason Roberts28 giorni fa
  • Why they invited him?? 3 adults acting like children🙄🙄🙄

    To KyoTo KyoMese fa
  • MSNBC is a horrible network. Russel either joined them deliberately knowing what would happen or made a mistake, I'm not sure which.

    GerryGerryMese fa
  • Russel is a bad example to talk about respect.

    Alexandre BrardAlexandre BrardMese fa
  • This is good analysis. Thank you for your work

    TheTruthWillSetYou FreeTheTruthWillSetYou FreeMese fa
  • why do all three of those guys look vaguely like steven crowder 6:42

    TrentTrentMese fa
  • I love this! Thanks for posting. I love how he handles criticism... I needed to see this. He's very graceful.

    Tabitha SuntheimerTabitha SuntheimerMese fa
  • "don't use the word "smart" with me"

    SpaceMonkey BoiSpaceMonkey BoiMese fa
  • I am very confident but when someone is being rude I just find a way to shut them off but I feel like a jerk

    HunterPSNHunterPSNMese fa
  • The entire interviewing staff at MSNBC has small d*ck energy. :-) I've always loved Russel, he's empathetic, genuine, intelligent, respectful, and he doesn't let people walk all over him. I love how he first tried to correct the rude interviewers without embarrassing them, but when they keep bullying, he directly calls them out for their bad manners

    Candis SCandis SMese fa
  • Do these actors do this intentionally or is it all sub conscious???

    Andrew CAndrew CMese fa
  • Why am I watching this? I look like a psycho so people just don't fek with me....

    Steven TiggeSteven TiggeMese fa
  • coool

    Mayank ShankarMayank ShankarMese fa
  • do marylin manson

    Sam PageSam Page2 mesi fa
  • Mezner was here.. △³²△

    Mezner 03Mezner 032 mesi fa
  • I wish I could be more like this, I'm too sensitive. And when someone says something that hurts me I don't know what to do and then hours later I think of what I could've said.

    Nadeshka HolmesNadeshka Holmes2 mesi fa
    • @Nadeshka Holmes You are welcome. I haven't told you anything you didn't already know

      mick harrisonmick harrison7 giorni fa
    • @mick harrison thank you for your words :)

      Nadeshka HolmesNadeshka Holmes7 giorni fa
    • You don't, you are not, you do and then hours later it doesn't matter. Just be yourself and not the labels you have attached to yourself

      mick harrisonmick harrison8 giorni fa
  • I've never been a big fan of Russell, but damn he's smart and knew exactly what he was doing. You can see the male host looking around for help as Russell is speaking directly to him.

    PeakPeak2 mesi fa
  • These Morning Joe people are truly and wholly dreadful.... Much respect to the Russell

    Paul BertrandPaul Bertrand2 mesi fa
  • he’s got very nice hair i w a n t i t

    Ruby XIIIRuby XIII2 mesi fa
  • Did Russel teach u all this or did u teach Russel?

    Mike351025Mike3510252 mesi fa
  • Not a fan of “the messiah complex” but this man handled everything so well the interviewers were jerks

    layciaaalayciaaa2 mesi fa
  • anyone else here have an "Ego Death"?

    Johann SiggelkowJohann Siggelkow2 mesi fa
  • I just came across your channel. As a raging introvert, who lacks self confidence (when I'm not behind a screen), this was incredibly helpful. I've subscribed, and will definitely be making your channel a habit in my self growth regimen. Thank you for the great content, keep up the great work!

    Melissa GrimesMelissa Grimes2 mesi fa
  • Ink

    Dean WaltersDean Walters2 mesi fa
  • can happen when you're not social from the start

    DerJägerhaltDerJägerhalt2 mesi fa
  • +1 charisma +1 intelligence Thanks

  • With this quarentine I almost forgot how was being in a group of people was

    Izayoi HigurashiIzayoi Higurashi2 mesi fa
  • Am I a master of speech or an introvert Por que no los dos 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Stephen jStephen j2 mesi fa
  • Take control of the conversation, continue to the end of the sentence when you are speaking. Use the name of all persons in the room, take your time to glance every person in the room, honest complements.

    Angel SupraAngel Supra2 mesi fa
  • When a friend of mine interrupts me or vice versa, we'd realize what we did and wait for the other to finish. Then we'd talk at the same time again until both of us goes, ""You first."" ""No you first."" Those were good times.

    NeopoleonNeopoleon2 mesi fa
  • Why were those interviewers so rude to him? Is there any particular story to this?

    MarcinMarcin2 mesi fa
  • "I believe that people are very very intelligent but a lot of times the information gets manipulated." Man, if that ain't some immense wisdom I don't know what is. Most arguments I see are people who have completely different viewpoints on the subject they argue about to the degree that if you looked at the heart of their beliefs, they're honestly not even having the same conversation together.

    Blackfang08Blackfang082 mesi fa
  • Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister) didn't see this video

    HiroHiro2 mesi fa
  • 7:49 I have to say that wasn't sneaky but spooky.

    Linda ParnellLinda Parnell2 mesi fa
  • The silence and stare works perfectly in classrooms too.

    S AhmedS Ahmed2 mesi fa
  • I watched this and I am most likely not going to use these skills

    Antonio HoAntonio Ho2 mesi fa
  • Speech 100

    Daniel LynchDaniel Lynch2 mesi fa
  • These people became a tutorial, you interviewers are nothing else but a tutorial.

    SightxSightx2 mesi fa
  • 3:17 is she trying to seduce the lady she's talking to? lol

    Just The HighlightsJust The Highlights3 mesi fa
  • me: great! some conversation tips! now im going to be great at social stuff! also me: *Slugs don't have teeth. Instead, they have organ called radula composed of thousand miniature protrusions that facilitate grinding of food. Slug has two pairs of retractable tentacles on top of the head (they can be shortened). Light-sensitive eye spots are located on top of the long tentacles.*

    Right hand ManRight hand Man3 mesi fa
  • *How to expand your brand using clickbait titles and pictures of idols while talking about the same qualities again and again*

    h3nRyqLh3nRyqL3 mesi fa
  • 8:51

    miriam adelmiriam adel3 mesi fa
  • I have so much trouble in arguments because I always yield to other people when they begin to talk, it's just instinctive to me because I feel like I'm being rude otherwise. I've got a really big thing coming up in my life that I need to be at the top of my charisma game for because it'll heavily affect me and I just gotta say I'm so glad that this channel exists.

    Hudson BakkeHudson Bakke3 mesi fa
  • Most useful video of my week. Both for the Russell and your analysis! 👏👏👏

    Wendy ZitzmanWendy Zitzman3 mesi fa
  • "Who is Willie?!" 😭😂😂😂

    Gabrielle LGabrielle L3 mesi fa
  • Or you know, people can stop being so rude!

    AndysGeneralAndysGeneral3 mesi fa
  • it's crazy that people can figure out how to be so good at social interactions without having to watch youtube videos and tutorials 😔

    clextechsclextechs3 mesi fa
  • 10:57

    yves loayves loa3 mesi fa
  • 9:06

    yves loayves loa3 mesi fa
  • 3:35

    yves loayves loa3 mesi fa
  • andrew yang plz

    ilikecrabsilikecrabs3 mesi fa
  • Russels favorite performance medium is stand up? That's literally the one hes worst at.

    jg pliskinjg pliskin3 mesi fa
  • Why was this in bugzy Malones playlist 😂

    Dean CampionDean Campion3 mesi fa
  • Who is this Russel guy ?

    ZainZain3 mesi fa
  • "As you can see Russell did everything I just mentioned" no, you mentioned everything he did

    slipperys0apslipperys0ap3 mesi fa
  • Someone really needs to see this

    Carl Xidjie DocallosCarl Xidjie Docallos3 mesi fa
  • Really helpful as i get cut off alot in my life.

    KirkeGamingKirkeGaming3 mesi fa
  • Russel Brand is Chadzilla

    Eric ScottEric Scott4 mesi fa
  • I don't think I'm gonna remember all this lol. If I do try one of these things I know I'm gonna screw it up

    Owen Last name.Owen Last name.4 mesi fa
  • ego detachment is the key to so many things.. 🕉

    sem texsem tex4 mesi fa
  • Another tactic to note is (light-heartedly/facetiously) telling someone what they can do, in this case telling Brian what he CAN wear (i.e., whatever he wants). This works in the positive and is well-concealed through a volume of dialogue, but it's a subtle suggestion that the speaker holds the power.

    Storm RhodeStorm Rhode4 mesi fa
  • How to summon Satan with this one hand signal exclusive on youtube . Honestly why is this recommended to me am I that cringe now?

    sadra nezamsadra nezam4 mesi fa
  • 3:56 This three-step thing _actually_ works when dealing with a jerk. Of course, you need the right stuff to pull it off, but if you do, it'll have the intended effect. While practicing it many times on various people, the only time it doesn't work is when I blew it. Do it often enough, and you'll find yourself doing it without thinking about it. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that Russell Brand is a god among men.

    Olmstead RunyonOlmstead Runyon4 mesi fa
  • Rather than trying to change a conversation, you could simply respond to hate with love as it says in the bible. (There is a reference of this in James 1:19)

    Quintin WaninkQuintin Wanink4 mesi fa
  • I can’t believe they called him Willie

    Tim MartinTim Martin4 mesi fa
  • #1. It’s called being a steamroller lmao

    Lydia PickronLydia Pickron4 mesi fa
  • what is this robots ?

    IgnasZIgnasZ4 mesi fa
  • damn, Willie is a good talker

    Mythki11erMythki11er4 mesi fa
  • I need help understanding this, because from my point of view it seems like russell brand was a massive jerk throughout that whole interview. Facing away from people when they are talking directly to you, cutting them off mid question and ignoring them, swiveling in your chair like a child just because the attention is not on you, it all seems majorly passive agressive and disrespectful towards the hosts. This is how I would read his cues personally, I would think he is being patronising towards me, maybe someone can help me understand different?

    REDDIT Lover69REDDIT Lover694 mesi fa
  • I have been one to dismiss Brand as a rich playboy character who speaks eloquently and dresses overtly for attention, but not much else. This video gives me a brand new perspective of him. I was lost in the optics and didn't always listen. The way he deftly maneuvers through conversations is fascinating and no doubt explains his success. I walk away from this wanted to learn more about him, how he gained these talents and hopefully apply these techniques in my everyday exchanges.

    Jack DavidsonJack Davidson4 mesi fa
    • Jack Davidson Hi Jack, I agree. I didn’t take much notice of him until recently, but having watched him being interviewed on ITworlds, I also have changed my opinion on him. I may not agree with everything he says, however I do find him funny, engaging and very eloquent. I have never met him and I can understand if people look at his appearance and decide they don’t like him. That’s ok. I have been struck by his honesty in interviews reflecting on his past and mistakes he has made. Despite comment to the contrary on this thread I don’t think he is arrogant at all, but he has the confidence to back his ideas if confronted.

      patrick childspatrick childs4 mesi fa
  • You’ll notice that if you watch anybody try to best a comedian (that’s not another comedian) it usually falls flat on its face... they are literally word smiths that have to deal with EXTREME criticism from whole crowds. They are forged by that. It’s a losing effort. If you don’t believe me. Look at altercations with Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr, Eric Andre, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Russell here... and a lot of people naively attribute it to them being comedians, so people don’t take them seriously. However I challenge you to watch them. They are always in the driving seat

    Steven HagemanSteven Hageman4 mesi fa
  • 3 v 1

    Addison LamAddison Lam4 mesi fa
  • So disrespectful! 😡😡😡

    Lia Rivera YipLia Rivera Yip4 mesi fa
  • "Who is Willy" Brandt? A former Chancellor of West Germany.

    JudgeJulieLitJudgeJulieLit4 mesi fa
  • russell brand is an absolute wanker please dont copy him

    j bj b4 mesi fa
  • Actual tips and not clickbait that rambles on? Is this even allowed on ITworlds

    kevin guzmankevin guzman4 mesi fa
  • the internet has too much of a fixation on 'domination'

    Eric DravenEric Draven4 mesi fa
  • 9:41 well karen do that and its annoying (even though people dont, and they are the ones shouting/aggressive), they cut you off if you want to speak out and whatever small detail you say will trigger them or make an excuse to just not let you speak

    SplegheggSpleghegg4 mesi fa
  • Instructions not clear - was told to get cancer online.

    MerkeMerke4 mesi fa
  • I love RDJ just walking right on out of that interview.

    Dominique Does LifeDominique Does Life4 mesi fa
  • Instructions Unclear: Got my teeth kicked in for talking over the bully.

    VylerVyler4 mesi fa
  • I realized having a deep acceptance for myself. Was getting Friendzoned a couple of times and it always stole pieces of my ego. I got to knew the first girl I failed mid thru but I valued her stronger than my missing persued value of myself a year ago. I know that because I didnt prepare to decline her Friendzone offer. It was just this feeling and a couple of weeks ago I realized why: I then kinda knew that I was just going to stick around to regain my own persued value and always had lost interest when she started regaining. So childish. Not saying girls create self acceptance! Self acceptance comes from your inner self. Always be true to you Cheers Edit: I'm 20

    Satoaki E.Satoaki E.4 mesi fa
  • I strongly disagree with promoting such attitude in conversations. I bet there are many young people watching this video and automatically adopt this attitude even when the situation does not require it. Sometimes when you're interrupted it does not mean that you're bullied, it can also be a signal that you took too much time for example. Not looking in the eye is also extremely inappropriate, also complementing people without any reason is cheesy. I think commanding respect in a conversation boils down to mastering three key points: ethos, pathos, and logos.

    Marouen Ben GuebilaMarouen Ben Guebila4 mesi fa
  • There is so much aggression in some people's personality , the been talked over and get disrespected and not herd stick to the truth be honest and own it . Kindness gos a long way a vetue I stick to,. over toxic peoples So I stay away from them it works move forward I'm around beautifull people great vibes

    Bobby-Jo ThomsonBobby-Jo Thomson4 mesi fa
  • is he doing this while thinking about it or is it built into the way he talks ?

    Thomas PankiewiczThomas Pankiewicz4 mesi fa
  • I love your channel!

    Cheree DelcoureCheree Delcoure4 mesi fa