How To Be Fearless Under Pressure

11 nov 2019
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Okay, you guys win. By far the most requested breakdown of the last several months is here: Thomas Shelby.
Today we will dig in to what you can learn from him when it comes to staying cool in high pressure situations and then how you can use your wits to come out ahead.


0:40 - #1: He rarely overreacts in situations of extreme pressure.
7:00 - #2: Thomas gives both the carrot and the stick.
8:48 - #3: His ability to turn trash into resources.

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  • Step one:be dead from inside Step two:everyone has to die someday dont fear it Step three:think

    Rakesh VermaRakesh Verma14 ore fa
  • What show is this

    The Shadow PhilosopherThe Shadow Philosopher22 ore fa
  • Dog: *barks* Me: Whats your owner's name? Dog: ... Me: Eh? Dog: *barks*

    ミームプロミームプロGiorno fa
  • Step:one take a joint and stay calm.

    Sompoi KhalifaSompoi KhalifaGiorno fa
  • 1 Don’t Overeact In Extreme Pressure (it’s about being comfortable with surroundings, don’t worry about facial features, be natural & build up fearlessness doing little things Ex: touring building,) 2 Align what others want with what you want 3Give Carrot & Stick (show what they could gain & Miss out & how this won’t backfire) 4Trash Become Resources ( bad things only look bad in a certain light) How can something I least want work towards my goals?

    Justin MarshallJustin MarshallGiorno fa
  • Nobody: Arthur: ROIGHT

    pAlicepAlice2 giorni fa
  • shelbaby

    janna ariellajanna ariella2 giorni fa
  • I didn’t watch the video and just went straight to the comments and I thought everyone was talking about Jake Paul 😂😂😂

    Miss MarszMiss Marsz2 giorni fa
  • Step one: fight in WW1

    E BonE Bon3 giorni fa
    • Lmao literally copied

      hshbahd ajahdydhshbahd ajahdyd2 giorni fa
  • Tommy is smart. Be like Tommy.

    Oltean Romeo DavidOltean Romeo David3 giorni fa
  • fake it till you make it boys

    arda karadağarda karadağ4 giorni fa
  • Just take 300 - 500mg ph*nibut with cup of coffee.

    Aiaskara AyaAiaskara Aya4 giorni fa
  • i always visit the toilet in any place i go for an interview to 1st calm myself 2nd have the idea about the company size. Big clean bathrooms tell alot of stories.

    Yasir Ahmed, M.B.AYasir Ahmed, M.B.A5 giorni fa
  • 0:47 The Gun : Wat am I joke to you

    sharath ptsharath pt5 giorni fa
  • I am a psychopath and I am fearless in the way you describe it. I would jump of a bridge with a noose around my neck without problem. If you are not fearless, please do not try to aspire to be. Being like that comes at a huge price, trust me. It is completely not worth it. You will be cold as a cucumber after you die. Before that be fearful and enjoy it.

    watherby29watherby296 giorni fa
    • Liar

      hshbahd ajahdydhshbahd ajahdyd2 giorni fa
  • A ITworlds video will never make you tommy Shelby . Ever

    AZ70900AZ709006 giorni fa
  • Can anyone tell me the show/movie at 4:25

    Adriel AllenAdriel Allen7 giorni fa
  • what’s the name of the show

    Hard Hit ChrisHard Hit Chris8 giorni fa
  • True story... I didn’t do my math homework, I went to school. My math teacher asked where it was. I replied “what’s your dogs name” he said “what does that haves to do with homework”. I repeated my self while asserting dominance in a false British accent that just felt right doing. I got sent to the principal. He must’ve been scared shitless due to my sheer masculinity. Morale of the story. Use this cautiously as it is a power that makes people tremble before you.

    BlazinBlazin9 giorni fa
  • Yeah, I am like that. I'm very calm in extreme situations (tested a few times too), but the trade off is destructive coping mechanisms. I think I should start meditating.

    Sir CoCoNUTSir CoCoNUT9 giorni fa
  • "Littlefinger "

    aesthetic_life_heh _aesthetic_life_heh _9 giorni fa

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:27

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:26

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:25

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:24

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:22

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:20

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:18

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:13

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • 8:03 oi need that fookin film's name!

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
    • @Questing Guy Srry bro, i thought it was from the same...

      Red HoodRed Hood6 giorni fa
    • @Red Hood I was talking about the film at fookin 8:03 mate

      Questing GuyQuesting Guy6 giorni fa
    • It's Peaky Blinders, a tv series

      Red HoodRed Hood6 giorni fa
  • - 5:04 need that fookin film's name

    Questing GuyQuesting Guy9 giorni fa
  • or I know be like Rambo or Arnold in the predator, yeah that's it Arnold or bruce lee yeah bruce lee oooooooooooooh yeah

    stan leestan lee11 giorni fa
  • You don’t use fiction to teach about reality, hope all of you know that right? And sad part is, none of you been around actual danger to this degree, it’s made up. Here is some quotes you all need to know, don’t worry about the pawn on the queen side when. Your kitchen is on fire.. all plans work until the first shot is fired. In another words there isn’t anything that can prepare you to handle this type of pressure they’re describing, other than accepting that you are already dead so you function properly. (All these quotes are from real soldiers and tactical minds.)

    lance rogerslance rogers11 giorni fa
  • He smokes smoking calms the body down it's a depressant

    brody porterbrody porter11 giorni fa
  • How to be fearless under pressure. First of all the premise is actually the cause of the problem. You think pressure exists. I can't help you.

    Dirk's Life AdviceDirk's Life Advice12 giorni fa
  • bro I can't with this comment section 🤣

    Johnathan Humphrey ThompsonJohnathan Humphrey Thompson12 giorni fa
  • The steps mentioned are vague. It may seem that it is well laid out but it's not. Concrete steps are missing.

    Parth SevakParth Sevak13 giorni fa
  • I remembered the Sullivan and Wazowski's Face Swap meme 😂😂😂

    LazyDepLazyDep13 giorni fa
  • Ohhhhhh k!!! I remember why I subscribed.

    Elle MorganElle Morgan13 giorni fa
  • name of this movie?

    MonkBitGamesMonkBitGames13 giorni fa
    • series* peaky blinders.. highly recommended

      pittspitts13 giorni fa
  • This comment section: getting on my nerves for the dog joke being every other comment Me: what’s your dog’s name?

    Mickey MerzonMickey Merzon14 giorni fa
  • You just made me realise i do the irrelevant question quite often, and i also keep my voice down when people scream at me, just to make them look like fools.

    Tomas HoekstraTomas Hoekstra14 giorni fa
  • "If you want to be more comfortable in social situations, saying a single extra sentence to a service person can challenge you without triggering total panic." Shows what you know.

    R1552R155214 giorni fa
  • Appreciate the "spoilers of season 5" Im only on season 4 ;)

    Cash MoneyCash Money14 giorni fa
  • "The previous thumbnail was better"- thomas shelby

    Satwik BhattacharyyaSatwik Bhattacharyya14 giorni fa
  • Do RUST COHLE true detective season 1

    Jack DolahJack Dolah14 giorni fa
  • 9:56 The guy looks exactly like the bearded guy Finn is friend with in the season 5 of the show... as Winston Churchill said "I forgot his name."

    Cristi RicanuCristi Ricanu15 giorni fa
  • Put on any battle solo vs squad than take hotdrop

    Komo GyatiKomo Gyati15 giorni fa
  • 40mg of Propranolol twice a day works👍

    T JohnsonT Johnson16 giorni fa

    Andrey PassariniAndrey Passarini16 giorni fa

      Andrey PassariniAndrey Passarini16 giorni fa

      Andrey PassariniAndrey Passarini16 giorni fa
  • one of your best

    Adam ZahafAdam Zahaf16 giorni fa
  • Interviewer: "So why should we hire you?" Me: "what's ya dog's name?"

    Fhilosophy FridaysFhilosophy Fridays17 giorni fa
    • Precisely

      AjayAjay9 giorni fa
  • I killed sb then laughed💯💯💯

    Trey BaskinTrey Baskin17 giorni fa
  • All of this i already know and am doing it already

    Kelvin Ter HorstKelvin Ter Horst18 giorni fa
  • What is there to fear when you have witnessed men literally hold their guts like grocery.

    John DoeJohn Doe18 giorni fa
  • A great way to break the conversational flow by asking a question is to ask the person what their name is again. It both indicates you want to be friendly but also that you didn't care about them enough to remember their name until they came to you to complain.

    Derek K.Derek K.18 giorni fa
  • Well have you ever been in a big earthquake and remained calm😎

    Isa Mori saloufaIsa Mori saloufa19 giorni fa
  • How can you take a movie as an exemple? lol Life is not hollywood. Being under pressure often makes you fearless under pressure. Nothing more simple than that.

    guiguijolguiguijol19 giorni fa
  • Love the poker face stare he does Tommy Shelby 🤨

    m km k19 giorni fa
  • INTJ death stare

    Cloud Boys MusicCloud Boys Music20 giorni fa
  • What series is this?

    ajayveer khairaajayveer khaira21 giorno fa
    • peaky blinders

      pittspitts13 giorni fa
  • Mom:Why did you break the glass. Me:What are we eating for lunch today?

    Rewa MainaRewa Maina22 giorni fa
  • I wanna know if u went to college and what did u major in.

    Rajir Ray WilliamsRajir Ray Williams23 giorni fa
  • Just stay focking calm and you will win everytime.

    Vedran86Vedran8623 giorni fa
  • Nobody: Comments: What your dog's name?

    Gilang RamandaGilang Ramanda23 giorni fa
  • Thank you.

    AJ HubbellAJ Hubbell24 giorni fa
  • In italy please

    Nicola PelleNicola Pelle24 giorni fa
  • How you think and how you feel flcreates your state of being practice being calm stop conjuring bad thoughts state of being present and look at joe dispenzas how to reprogram your mind when he says to wire your brain with an emotion I chose calm so in any situation I’m calm he gives techniques and you listen along and practice it helps mainly you can also meditate I’d say practicing exposure and noticing that the body likes it take you away from dangerous situations so you know it isn’t th same thing and go back but be calm when your in anxiety you think a ton of crazy thoughts you gotta practice being calm whether meditating or mantra

    Tommy NguyenTommy Nguyen24 giorni fa
  • He doesn’t overreact in life threatening situations..... because a part of him always wants to die

    OMGIDestroyedMatterOMGIDestroyedMatter25 giorni fa
  • The secret is in his cigarette. Makes you calm when you smoke

    Ron ChuaRon Chua26 giorni fa
  • Step 1 : You have nothing to Lose(It should happen from Life experience,you can’t force yourself to be like that) Step 2 : Be Calm

    Mo SHaKMo SHaK27 giorni fa
  • now i can say i was the coolest guy at school

    Nishant is SCIENTIFICNishant is SCIENTIFIC28 giorni fa
  • His confidence comes from madness : he believes he's dead already and has nothing to lose. Copying him is like trying to be a psycho, don't get me wrong I love the character but these are just facts...

    KoidenKoiden29 giorni fa
  • You're psychoanalyzing characters that aren't real

    Sean LSean L29 giorni fa
  • Remember when Tommy Shelby invented chill

    Olive Vinegar-OilOlive Vinegar-Oil29 giorni fa
  • His confidence comes from reading the script and having the option of multiple takes to seem as cool as possible.

    Grey PistoleroGrey PistoleroMese fa
  • Short answer: have a combination of an attractive, menacing and strong face

    KriegerdammerungKriegerdammerungMese fa
  • stay single, im gonna stay single til i go to Valhalla. i have had it

    Kevin Persen LisetKevin Persen LisetMese fa
  • How do you recuperate if you've always rushed in too fast?

    W0lfie13 ̔̏̊W0lfie13 ̔̏̊Mese fa
  • *He stays calm in dangerous situations* ...Ehh...he is acting in a episode...nobody gets killed... they are just's not real life, that gives you a lot of confidence i guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Feelings are hard to findFeelings are hard to findMese fa
  • how does this video have so many views?

    Fjólubláa BrauðristinFjólubláa BrauðristinMese fa
  • "1:47" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1101 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

    love animalslove animalsMese fa
  • Step 2: Ask a girl to sing a song for you and if she ask you happy or sad and than you answer sad if she tell you it will broke your heart you say it's already broken 🙂 Step 3: always smoke a cigarette

    Rohi KhRohi KhMese fa
  • Another good example of being cool under pressure is jotaro or josuke

    BagOfSoupBagOfSoupMese fa
  • anyone else watching because they always get caught being sus in among us

    VanshajVanshajMese fa
  • Make sure you read the script well then be a good enough actor to play out your part.

    Dragan GlavasDragan GlavasMese fa
  • change the subject?

    Johnd SesbrenoJohnd SesbrenoMese fa
  • Using TV show characters to inform the public looking to learn is ridiculous..

    Jon GabriellJon GabriellMese fa
  • ....But did you serve in France

    lokilokiMese fa
  • Let me sum this up. The only way to stop being a p*ssy is to punch that bully in the face next time instead of bottling up anger that can turn dangerous.

    Da DeDa DeMese fa
  • Somebody needs to make a game for peaky blinders

    Isira AarewatteIsira AarewatteMese fa
  • Why are you talking about someone as if he is a real life person? You see how fearless he is? "It's because we was in war n this n that..." he's fearless because that's how the writers wrote him. Tf?

    _ omarlives_ omarlivesMese fa
  • I developed this now i cant feel a thing

    UNITY HasteUNITY HasteMese fa
  • Step one -be tommy Shelby

    tintin mastertintin masterMese fa
  • Ooyee No more fighting 😂

    gopal 97gopal 97Mese fa
  • How the hell can I do C when the perspective 95% of the population allows people to give themselves a colonoscopy?

    TheY2AProblemTheY2AProblemMese fa
  • Im like this IRL, but it walls off the soul to emotions. Not recommended

    A Pill BottleA Pill BottleMese fa
  • I feel like I can’t get whatever I want now. SPEECH: 100

    Ethan HillEthan HillMese fa
  • Video on Harvey Spectre please

    AqasiaAqasiaMese fa