7 Red Flags In Dating You Should Never Ignore

25 mag 2020
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90 Day Fiance videos have been making the rounds on ITworlds recently, and wow, there are some amazingly toxic relationships in that show.
Unfortunately it can be hard to recognize when your own relationship is headed towards trouble until it's too late, so today we're going to cover 7 red flags that are early signs of a toxic relationship.

0:48 - #1: Prioritizing being attractive over being honest.
1:50 - #2: Makes it a headache to not give them what they want.
3:46 - #3: Their actions don't match their words.
4:56 - #4: Your friends and family don't like your relationship.
6:15 - #5: Toxic people will try to distance you from other people.
7:44 - #6: We see our significant other as we want them to be.
9:15 - #7: Your relationship is a roller coaster with extreme highs and lows.
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  • I dated a guy who hid that he had a severe form of a potentially life threatening disease and did absolutely nothing to treat it. After that I just kinda stopped dating in this city. Took a few years off from dating, expanded and grew my business. The right person will show up at the right time

    kelly lockwoodkelly lockwood13 ore fa
  • Wow man! You are out of touch with reality! You are so ethnocentric you have no idea what life is like in other countries and cultures. You've got some growing up to do. Also, the self-righteous orientation of this video while also being so narrow minded is repulsive.Put your camera away and go live abroad. Then come back and you won't have to pretend to know it all and pretend to teach guys that everything you think is right. It's not. You are squarely wrong from the intro to the end on many issues.

    Small Guy on TopSmall Guy on Top13 ore fa
  • Pay attention to how they talk about others. Because that is how they will talk about you.

    Deborah ArmstrongDeborah Armstrong16 ore fa
  • Woman: 'I need support', translation: 'I need money' Woman: 'I need help', translation: 'I need money' Woman: 'I need love', translation: 'I need money' Woman: 'I need you', translation: 'I need your wallet' Woman: 'I don't want to lose you', translation: 'I don't want you to lose your income'

    mr. soundguy '96mr. soundguy '9617 ore fa
  • A man impose respect.

    *Hérétic*Hérétic21 ora fa
  • I understand what you are saying about red flags but since I have watched 90 day fiance you are taking alot of these videos out of context. For example, the blonde woman who is about to be married texting other people and she is saying that you dont need to text other girls who arent family members. What you dont see is the woman was right. Just a day after they got married she finds out that he is cheating on her. So she was right. That is just one example.

    Adam CarterAdam Carter21 ora fa
  • Me, a single woman, not looking to date anytime soon: 👁️👄👁️

    Vidhi BasuVidhi BasuGiorno fa
  • So who wants to marry me?

    Ash JacquesAsh JacquesGiorno fa
  • 3:51- I fell for that one. My ex said she was into most of my interest with a few of her own personal likes, but after a few years, she told me she never had those interests I had. So that was a lesson for me that from now on if they won't be honest with me about things upfront, I'm not wasting any time.

    lonewolffanglonewolffangGiorno fa
  • I’m glad I learned this young. I was recently in a relationship where I saw so many red flags it felt like a communist country but I decided to ignore them because It was my first time in a real relationship and I was scared I couldn’t find anyone else. I tried to end it many times but got roped back in even though I knew what was going on I decided to ignore it because she would make me feel guilty and exploit that guilt I felt. Long story short she ended up making up lies about me and spreading them to people and I started reviving threats and I never even knew what she said about me because every time I asked anyone they would say “you know what you did” even though I didn’t and I almost ended up getting jumped but I managed to calm the situation down. Still crazy to me that this happened all over some lies and manipulated screenshots. If you see these red flags please run, it’s not worth it. I learned this lesson at 15 but some people don’t learn it until too late. Please listen to things in this vid because if you are an adult even worse things can happen that getting beaten up. Edit: punctuation Edit 2: she had done this in the past to people but I thought she changed and by the time I realized she didn’t change it was too late Edit 3: I noticed every red flag in this video in her, don’t be like me

    Meme ReviewMeme ReviewGiorno fa
  • Why does the girls in this video looks like post wall women

    muhammadnabilafif afifmuhammadnabilafif afifGiorno fa
  • Bruh i need to stop watching UFC. When that dude hugged the girl from behind right at the beginning my first and only thought was SUPLEX... Probably a red flag too, thinking about suplexing a girl...

    Serujio RaitonSerujio RaitonGiorno fa
  • Getting relationship advice from ITworlds; like having an obese person coaching a weight-loss class.

    Siegfried BraunSiegfried BraunGiorno fa
  • You are wrong about the whole girls/guys night out. Why would someone want to exclude their partner? I understand if someone is just dating etc...but in a more committed relationship why would you exclude your wife or husband?

    Rod KammerdienerRod KammerdienerGiorno fa
  • From 2:17 to 2:37, that could be a cultural issue. It's also a type of love language to buy gifts for someone, so receiving gifts could be how she hears love. But yeah obviously that get's expensive and that's just totally unreasonable. He could shower her with some other type o gift, if you know what I mean.

    Keith Christopher HarcusKeith Christopher Harcus2 giorni fa
  • From 0:39 to 0:48, LOL buying a Real doll would be cheaper and more satisfying.

    Keith Christopher HarcusKeith Christopher Harcus2 giorni fa
  • Still have no clue why my last gf broke up although I got 3 reasons from her.

    dustiest spadedustiest spade2 giorni fa
  • I disagree with the family part due to there are lot of toxic families out there!

    Perry BirdPerry Bird2 giorni fa
  • Also the screaming woman sounds like a female drunk Mel Gibson.

    Emma FrostEmma Frost2 giorni fa
  • These girls aren't even attractive to begin with.

    Jordan SheppherdJordan Sheppherd2 giorni fa
  • You know this show is staged right?

    Emma FrostEmma Frost2 giorni fa
  • 1. Someone, them or you, prioritizes being attractive over being honest 2. A person makes it a headache to not give them what they want 3. Their actions do not match their words 4. Your friends and family do not like the relationship 5. Toxic people will proactively try to distance you from the other people in your life 6. We see our significant others not as they are but as we want them to be 7. Your relationship is like a roller coaster with lots of extreme highs and extreme lows

    Hue JorganHue Jorgan2 giorni fa
  • Wow, these people are mass produced.

    Jan ScottJan Scott2 giorni fa
  • Why am I watching this. I've never even had a crush on anyone.

    Michael PerezMichael Perez3 giorni fa
  • "when you look at somebody with rose colored glasses red flags just look like flags." -some lady from Bojack Horses man or something

    void walker117void walker1173 giorni fa
  • My favorite red flag: being late. It means you don't even care about...well....pretty much anything else but yourself.

    Lucho PortuanoLucho Portuano3 giorni fa
  • 5:35 Looks in Indian

    mohammed amjadmohammed amjad3 giorni fa
  • this video is actually a really great way to illustrate red flags for people to see when it comes to relationships, its one thing to talk about examples, but to see what they actually mean being played out in front of you is WOW in your face, awesome video

    dreamerslulldreamerslull3 giorni fa
  • These people need to take time to heal their own emotional trauma themselves instead of expecting "love" to fix it for them.

    stellarwulfstellarwulf4 giorni fa
  • The secret is to already have no self esteem so they cant lower it any further

    Jason AndrewsJason Andrews4 giorni fa
  • The opinions of friends and family are a good sign if they themselves are not toxic people.

    PaulPaul4 giorni fa
  • Damn I just realized that I was bringing some of these toxic traits into my previous relationships. This actually seems good to improve the person that you are.

    ExothermExotherm5 giorni fa
  • Big Ed is attractive and ugly at the same time. I’m very confused, like he’s a whale but an attractive whale

    RedWingRedWing5 giorni fa
  • These type of people exist but, you have to take the “reality” drama with a grain of salt. A good date with decent value is boring.

    Anthony CruzAnthony Cruz5 giorni fa
  • Do background checks, and talk to their friends. Even then in today’s society it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    RyanRyan6 giorni fa
  • 8th red flag - not having a neck.

    fogwatfogwat6 giorni fa
  • When you look at someone through rose colored glasses, all the red flags, just look like flags. -Wanda Peirce, Bojack Horseman

    Jennifer AndersenJennifer Andersen6 giorni fa
  • Girls night out is for cheating.

    Andres GreeneAndres Greene6 giorni fa
  • I feel personally attacked by this video... Jeez, hurts to hear the truth sometimes. My last relationship had all the red flags and I denied it for so long. I just wanna find the pearl to my oyster, but I find it to be difficult to get out there after such an intense/rocky/addictive relationship. Oof

    mshuntasmshuntas6 giorni fa
  • Love isn't real just sexual desires love what a person do for you

    MAV Computer Bike RunMAV Computer Bike Run6 giorni fa
  • Do they actively seek out the most soulless, pathetic, vile, disgusting people they can find for this kind of show?

    Jessie HogueJessie Hogue7 giorni fa
  • I agree with the no texting other women thing. If you are with your girl or wife, you should not be texting another woman unless its your family member

    Black SpidermanBlack Spiderman7 giorni fa
  • I was with you and your views up until the late night hang outs and the texting. There's another ITworlds channel i follow where he reads so many stories of infidelity and with those stories, 10 times out of 10, those are always the cause or basis of the cheating. If my girl does the girls night or texting a guy friend, i will assume cheating whether she is currently cheating or in the beginning stages.

    David WilsonDavid Wilson9 giorni fa
  • That phone thing is wrong. . . as a faithful partner I did not text behind her back (until I cheated) and REPLACEMENT girl ALWAYS chatted online and went out with several guys. . . hipergamy . . . Dont make it official until you are living together and end social media. . . man

    Adrian FuentesAdrian Fuentes10 giorni fa
  • F all of that. WHERE'S ED'S GD NECK!?!?

    Thetall manThetall man10 giorni fa
  • This video is very informative if we would only listen ! Thank U.

    John PickJohn Pick10 giorni fa
  • Look into high spectrum narcissistic behavior or personality disorder especially the malignant narcissist I was married to one for five years pathological lying Master manipulation gaslighting de regulation projection it’s basically an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves you exhausted and easier to manipulate another person they do not have the ability to internalize the emotions they are external it is an absolute hell ride eventually there is nothing left of you and if you don’t do what they tell you to do because you’re a projection of their reality they can literally become violent and I’m talking violent and I’m talking about a woman that loves to play the victim

    green spidergreen spider12 giorni fa
  • Ed looks like my emoji

    BitchChillBitchChill12 giorni fa
  • TBH i don't agree with the flowers thing 2:00. I mean yeah a woman that makes up a case because she didnt got what she wanted most of the time is normaly bad if not adressed properly but you completely ignored the context and that has a huge importance here. Like you said the woman hasnt seeing her boyfriend for the longest of time... so is normal that she feels insecure or something or that she "thinks" that he missed her badly or something. So is a big deal for her and should be for him aswell. (if you miss someone and you like then a lot is normall for you to make those moments mean something) Lets look at the facts here... She is smoking hot, well dressed and with sensual clothes and in theory she did that mostly for HIM... and the guy appears to pick her up after not seeyng here in a long time with "sneakers" and cloathes that he would normaly use when going bowling with hi's friends? are u serious? The guy is overweight... underdressed for the ocasion and didnt bring anything... to me she outclasses him by far. And the fact that she mentioned the flowers meant that she probably felt disapointed. And for good REASON. She was not asking for jewery... it was just flowers... u have a woman like that by your side and can't even afford 20 bucks? for real? He didnt even had to go somewhere else to buy flowers... it was 20 bucks and close by... If a man like that that is average at best is so clueless to not buying flowers that are 20 bucks cheap after not seeying a woman atractive like that in a long time and pick her up with mediocre cloathes can't honestly blame no woman in the world if she lefts him.

    CalimanyCalimany12 giorni fa
  • Im 100% safe, because I am thru with relationships. Too much investment and crazy people out there

    Ritchie ValensRitchie Valens12 giorni fa
  • I cannot believe the chick at the very beginning. There’s nothing that she’s got that frankly it’s worth wasting 20 bucks on.

    E SmithE Smith13 giorni fa
  • Brother, I want to say thank you for making your video and you started off right at the beginning saying it was heavily edited and providing other rationale is that should be viewed as a whole. Much respect!

    E SmithE Smith13 giorni fa
  • It's important to remember most real partners tend to be a lot more subtle than the trainwrecks you see on 90 day. Damn dating would be so much easier if more people wore their worst traits on their sleeves like these people.

    SightlessSightless13 giorni fa
  • This show is real? I thought it was a bunch of actors..

    funkymonk7funkymonk713 giorni fa
  • Has anyone sent this vid to a friend in a toxic relationship? Did it help at all? I've only seen my friend once this year due to her boyfriend and idk if this vid will be received well by her if I send it.

    Ryan RossouwRyan Rossouw14 giorni fa
  • lol, on crying to manipulate...THAT does not work with me at all. My easiest RED Flag deal breaker...usually on first or second date....is if they " are a push-away"...if you're kissing and touching a bit and they push you away...it basically means they don't like you or trust you enough to lead them...they are not "with you"...so, end the date fast as you can and get out of dodge (no call no show). Plenty of great women out there "willing to let a man lead"....why waste your time with duds. If she doesn't like you enough now, pushing you away...what will happen when you're both married...WORSE. In the 1970's we used to call them push-away girls...they weren't "with you"...and they never would be.

    Accuracy MarkedAccuracy Marked14 giorni fa
  • "did you put weight on?" Nice!

    WéBRWéBR14 giorni fa
  • Stay single, best advice EVER !! !! I have had it !! Im going to stay single til i go to Valhalla .

    Kevin Persen LisetKevin Persen Liset14 giorni fa
  • I stopped watching because of the toxicity level in the clips used. Too much. Oof. I need to de-compress.

    of Man and Mythof Man and Myth15 giorni fa
  • She doesn't feel comfortable sleeping alone....as an adult. What a codependent pathetic person.

    Nicole JenningsNicole Jennings16 giorni fa
  • The best way to deal with gold diggers and set a limit of how much you will give her. Tell her if she asks for an allowance that you will give her 300.00 or 25% of your income up to 1000 while she is with you. During that time she needs to live with you, cook, clean, and drive you places. If she is a foreign woman she needs to teach you how to read, write and speak her language. At least you would gain something from this relationship.

    Michael StewartMichael Stewart17 giorni fa
  • SO it is wrong to propose to a woman 6 months after we start dating? In my previous relationships i would always ask my lady to marry me if we were dating for at least 6 months. If she said yes then i would plan to have the wedding a year later so we can both plan the wedding. I am aware that the women i have dated come from conservative cultures where if she is seen with a man she is not married to it will make her lose face. My last two relationships were with a Cambodian and a Filipina. I am aware that they date for the purpose of finding husbands so I do not like wasting their time. I figure 6 months is long enough to determine if a person will be a suitable match. Usually if they are bad matches it will show up during that time. Especially if you live with them. Plus if we are engaged we can always call it off. So in reality we are really dating for a year and a half. If i were dating a woman and she were not ready to get married within 6 months time I would be concerned she is not truly into me.

    Michael StewartMichael Stewart17 giorni fa
  • I always approach women and with most of them it is pain to talk even a minute , so its my first red flag to say goodbye.

    Hans MartinHans Martin17 giorni fa
  • Ooohh these people seem like their In middle school relationships 😂

    Connor BetancourtConnor Betancourt19 giorni fa
  • We have these problems because people are willing to date people they hardly know. If I am ever single again, I will not ask a girl out until I know how she handles money, how she handles criticism, and how she handles not getting her way. These are things you can learn outside of the context of romantic pursuit.

    disgruntledtoonsdisgruntledtoons19 giorni fa
  • Also, my biggest red flag is when they try take a selfie with you before the point of being in love. That's when your being used to make the ex jealous

    Rebel MixesRebel Mixes21 giorno fa
  • Anybody saying they respect that gold diggers honesty when asked " so you are just with me cause I can buy you things" needs to have a word with themselves. The fact she said that is a reflection of her disrespect for that man, she sees him as a sad, insecure looser and that's where her honesty came from. yes she displayed honesty, but it's not an honesty to be appreciated. It's this kind of misinterpretation of things that leave people like the man in the clip vulnerable to being walked all over. Be carefull people.

    Rebel MixesRebel Mixes21 giorno fa
  • Make sure you have a neck

    tubenachostubenachos21 giorno fa
  • i dont agree with family friend advice..... women encourage bad behavior ,,, family friends can be toxic even jealous.

  • First thing to ask her on a date: “What do you see yourself doing in ten years?” If she answers with anything but “You” ....RUN

    FaithfulWisdomFaithfulWisdom22 giorni fa
  • only reason i'm watching this is cuz big ed is in the thmubnail

  • My fiance's fam tried to talk to him in joining 90-day fiance. We're in an LDR and he lives in USA while Im in the Philippines. I told him that it makes me uncomfortable having people filming our lives and I'd just want to appreciate being with him. We met in person last March 2020 (but we've been playing together online for 8 years), and it was during the early stages of Covid. Our meeting didn't have those cliche running at the airport and hugging because I wasn't allowed to enter the airport because of the new Covid protocols. We ended up meeting inside a rental car haha (he rented a car then, since I don't have a car nor a license, he ended picking me up outside the airport gate lmao). Our meeting was really amazing and he's such an amazing person. He hanged with my friends and we went to multiple places and what's really fun was we get to have those places to ourselves because people were afraid of travelling because of Covid. He ended up driving because non of my friends have licenses. Our meeting was hidden from my family though because they didn't like Americans because they see Americans as loud and obnoxious, my mom would prob the one to start the drama (but we do have plans of meeting again and this time he'd introduce himself properly to my family, maybe once the pandemic is over). It was really unexpected, but he ended up proposing to me while pretending to trip on the ground. I don't know if playing games made me have fast reflexes, but I immediately stopped him midway and dragged him to a more private location and hugged him and said yes haha. It was so comical lmao. Sadly he had to leave earlier because my country suddenly imposed an immediate lockdown. Despite that, it was the best vacation I've ever had. If we ended up on the 90-day fiance show, I felt like I'd have massive anxiety and won't enjoy our time because I'd always be concerned about what other people think when it gets aired. Then we saw that guy Ed and what he did to Rosemarie, it was really horrible, and it actually made me appreciate our relationship more (we never pretended to be someone else before we met and when we finally did, it was genuine and nobody got catfished) We decided to leave our relationship private and special to us and he told his fam that he's not interested in the 90-day fiance as we felt like the show could potentially cause unnecessary problems and pressure in our healthy relationship.

    Xarre S.Xarre S.23 giorni fa
  • The most toxic people seem to be the most successful daters.

    Lawrence VLawrence V23 giorni fa
  • The woman at 0.38 SEC is honest, yes, she is there for ressources i would like to meet her, no bs, women dont love men, never did, never will, they love what men can do for them. Men gives, women receives, when you understand that, you are good to go just reality, that is all Bye

    brokenback coilbrokenback coil24 giorni fa

    I-YELL- A-LOTI-YELL- A-LOT25 giorni fa
  • Im so happy being single im keeping my resources too 😁

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez25 giorni fa
  • I like how this dude didn't want to buy 20 Dollar Flowers for a 1 Dollar Woman

    KenjiKenji29 giorni fa
  • These people are awful human beings 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    ZaraBee28ZaraBee2829 giorni fa
  • while I side-eye gold diggers, I respect that level of bold self-confidence. idk.

    fata morganafata morganaMese fa
  • Ahahaa at 3:22 she is straight up crying for a shag 🤣 that’s a new tactic if I’ve ever seen one

    Himi JendrixHimi JendrixMese fa
  • @1:03 This guy Ed looks HORRIBLE. Now granted we can't do anything with the looks we are born with.....but we CAN CONTROL how in shape we are. It just takes work. This guy Ed looks like he doesn't give a crap about being an OBEAST FAT SLOB. SMH

    Richard HarrisRichard HarrisMese fa
  • long time online is bad .

    Mr BardelMr BardelMese fa
  • My favorite is when she’s texting someone and says “oh he’s just a friend “

    Big JohnsonBig JohnsonMese fa
  • just when I thought we couldn't sink any lower, here we have these shows

    gReGsKi GmAiLgReGsKi GmAiLMese fa
  • You're not looking for the red flags in women.. women ARE the red flags.

    Aaron SweeneyAaron SweeneyMese fa
  • Highly recommended!! I was in a toxic relationship for long time. My ex applied all 7 things that you mentioned in the video. Amazing video!

    Michael De SalviaMichael De SalviaMese fa
  • I think all men's motivation for doing most things in a relationship are to avoid headaches.

    Brian SamphsBrian SamphsMese fa
  • @6:48mins . looing like xvideos blonde section

    Ernest LondeErnest LondeMese fa
  • It's amazing that the last girl that I was going out with checked all of these boxes.

    Wagner NogueiraWagner NogueiraMese fa
  • I actually agree with the dude who doesn’t want her to have ‘girls nights out’. I knew this was a bad idea before I became an Uber driver. Now I can’t tell you how many women on girls nights are going home with a random guy who isn’t their SO

    Logan FocoLogan FocoMese fa
  • The girls night thing is a real concern. Not controlling

    Nick SteveNick SteveMese fa
  • I'm pretty sure these shows are all scripted.

    Ton618Ton618Mese fa
  • Never trust anyone that picks up their drink and sips a tiny bit then puts it down

    Missy the StaffyMissy the StaffyMese fa
  • Why all those women have so ugly lips?

    Oleh510Oleh510Mese fa
  • Love dis

    Social GuideSocial GuideMese fa
  • "Door Test"

    pavXXpavXXMese fa
  • With the flowers thing, I have to agree. Men these need to learn to be romantic with flowers.

    wacky jackywacky jackyMese fa
  • 30 year age gap is not a problem if you are in great shape like Sylvester Stallone!

    HW2800HW2800Mese fa
  • 90 day fiance is only good for 89. Use it then bye bye. Then just get another.

    Mr. GabinitMr. GabinitMese fa
  • I suspected my husband always texting a lady on his phone , We’ve been married for 18 years, we’ve both been happy together until recently when he switched side and I found out he has been cheating .I explained my story to a colleague at work then she introduced me to this genuine hacker, Darkwebprohacker who gave me access to his phone , I had complete access to his phone right on my own device and I could see all his activities for the past 2years and also have access to new notifications, his text messages, Facebook messages,location, call logs, and I found out my husband was also flirting on dating sites..I love my husband a lot and I still don’t understand why he betrayed me, I have been a good hardworking wife and never for once cheated on him. I tracked him down and found out he was always going to sleep in another woman’s house with me thinking my husband is always at work for night shift. You can contact this great hacker who helped me found out the truth about my husband at darkwebprohack(at)gmail com or Whatsapp +17076225057 or text and call them directly on the same number.They helped me get access into his phone without even touching his phone.I have enough evidence against my husband and I am thinking of Filing for divorce.I want advice if I should give him another chance or let go ?We have 2 kids together it's a painful feeling but I believe things happen in life it comes as it goes, as it says what doesn't kills makes you stronger.

    Joyce RouseJoyce RouseMese fa